Accounting Programs

BSBA in Accounting
Required Courses:
ACC 331         Taxation of Individuals
ACC 341         Accounting Information Systems
ACC 371         Financial Accounting I
ACC 372         Financial Accounting II
ACC 381         Cost Accounting
ACC 416         International & Advanced Accounting
ACC 451         Auditing (W)

Electives (select two):
ACC 432         Taxation of Partnerships and Corporations
ACC 452         Advanced Auditing
ACC 461         Accounting for Government & Not-for-Profit Entities

Note: ACC 452 and 461 are required for CPA eligibility.

Master of Accounting Program
The Master of Accounting program is a specialized program that is designed to provide students with advanced course work in the accounting field. It is of primary interest to individuals interested in careers as certified public accountants, management accountants, and government accountants.

To earn a Master of Accounting degree, a student must satisfactorily complete 10 courses (30 hours).

Undergraduate Foundation Courses
All courses must be taken as an undergraduate student or transferred into the university before admission will be granted to the MAcc program. Course must have been passed with a minimum grade of “C” to complete a prerequisite requirement.

Required Courses:  Prerequisite: 
ACC 211 Principles of Accounting I
ACC 212 Principles of Accounting II 
ACC 211
ACC 331 Taxation of Individuals
ACC 212
ACC 341 Accounting Information Systems
ACC 212 and CIS 250
ACC 371 Financial Accounting I ACC 212
ACC 372 Financial Accounting II 
ACC 371
ACC 381 Cost Accounting ACC 212
ACC 451 Auditing (W) 
ACC 372
CIS 250 Advanced Computer Applications  CIS 150 or placement by exam
Core Courses:
ACC 511 Financial Accounting Theory
ACC 521 Advanced Management Accounting
ACC 531 Tax Planning and Research
ACC 534 Taxation of Gifts, Trust and Estates
ACC 541 Advanced Accounting Systems
ACC 571 Professional Accounting ACC 511, 531, 541
Total: 18 hours

Electives (select four):

ACC 532 Taxation of Partnerships and Corporations

ACC 552 Advanced Auditing

ACC 561 Accounting of Governmental and NFPE

ACC 594 Independent Study in Accounting

ECO 506 Economic Theory

ECO 507 Topics in Managerial Economics

FIN 509 Intermediate Corporate Finance

MGT 503 Management Information Systems

MGT 530 Managing People and Organizations

MGT 532 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

MKT 544 Global Environment of Business

Total: 12 hours
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