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Come major in mathematics and statistics!

Are you wondering if you should choose a major "that counts" ? Listen to what some former math majors say (from the books "Mathematical Scientists at Work", "101 Careers in Mathematics", and "Great Jobs for Math Majors"):

"I chose a degree in mathematics for two reasons: I was good at it, and I enjoyed it. I figured that was all I needed to find a job which was both challenging and fun. Although I wasn't aware of the multitude of career opportunities at the time, I knew that the sound logic skills one hones while obtaining a degree in math would be useful in doing just about anything. How can you go wrong learning skills that can be applied to any type of problem in any job?"

"Studying mathematics gives you the tools to analyze problems and think logically, which helps in whatever profession you choose. People have great respect for a degree in mathematics."

"...what I found most useful about my mathematics training was not simply the facts I learned. Rather, it was that it taught me how to learn."

"I did well at one of the best law schools. I attribute much of my academic success to having learned, through the study of mathematics, how to analyze complicated principles....I have found that those who have studied mathematics can approach and master both the legal principles and their effect in a way which most others cannot."

"Working in software development, it was easy to see how my education in computer science would apply to my daily work. Within my first six months, it became apparent that what I learned in the realm of mathematics might even be more important than what I learned in computer science."

"I found that doing well in mathematics opened the doors to the very best medical schools."

And what do the experts say about jobs ? The "Jobs Rated Almanac" (published annually by the Wall Street Journal) rates 250 careers according to income, outlook, physical demands, security, stress, and work environment. They regularly rank mathematician, statistician, actuary, and related professions in the top ten.

Not everyone who majors in math, ends up in math. Here are a few famous math majors.

Now what ?

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