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Help with Courses

Ask for help sooner rather than later.

From the Chair
Our department chair has compiled suggestions on how best to succeed at your course work in the mathematical sciences. Click here.
Office Hours
Students are encouraged to seek help from their instructors during office hours. The office hours for full-time faculty members may be found by following the relevant link in the menu to the left. A flyer with contact information for part-time faculty members can be downloaded here.
Tutoring Lab
The MathStat Tutoring Lab is located at ILB 235. A flyer with lab's hours may be downloaded here.
How to Login to MyLabsPlus
The link to our MyLabsPlus site is at the bottom right of our Department pages. There is a pdf detailing how to login located here.
Here are some links to some instructional videos made by some members of the Department. (Note- this is an ongoing project, so please forgive us any typos or other issues that may arise):
Computer Lab
The computer lab is located in ILB 405. The Department offers computer help for MA 112, MA 113, MA 115 and St 210. Flyers with hours for the labs may be downloaded here.
Click here for information about Mathematica.
Private Tutors
A list of private tutors can be downloaded here. This list is being provided for convenience only and does not constitute an endorsement or a warranty of the services that the people on the list provide.
Faculty and course homepages
To find the homepage of a faculty member (or one of the courses that they are teaching), you must select the menu item for "faculty and staff" under "about us" and then click on the name of your instructor. At that point you should see a brief page about the instructor. If they have a homepage, the link on that page should take you to it.

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