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About the Graduate Program

For information on the courses and admission requirements see the University Bulletin (the section on the Graduate program starts about halfway down the page).

Get a graduate degree !

Our graduate program is quite successful. Thanks to the small class sizes and the personalized education that we provide, we have a history of students going on for their PhD's at top-notch schools around the country.

The department treats its graduate students with special care. We do our best to make sure that their experience here is a rewarding one. The overall environment is quite pleasant. But don't take our word for are a few quotes from our students:

  • I never knew professors were so friendly. They really do care.
  • The courses are fun.....and when they get challenging, there is always someone who will help me.
  • All my ideas about what grad school is like changed once I got here. I am so happy that I came.

Assistantships with Stipends

We also have a limited number of graduate assistantships available. Each provides a stipend of $10,000 and full tuition waiver.

Policies and Procedures

The Graduate Program Coordinator advises each graduate student. The Coordinator gives advice about classes and must approve each student's class schedule before the semester begins.

Graduate assistant duties are assigned at the beginning of each semester. They usually involve work in the department's tutoring lab. Graduate assistants are required to attend department colloquia and participate in Seminar (MA 592) each fall and spring semester. Second-year students are responsible for running the Student Symposium Series.

Graduate students are encouraged to complete a thesis. A topic is selected with the advice of a faculty member. A prospectus is prepared and a thesis committee is formed during the latter half of the first year. Working on the thesis during the summer is recommended, and limited funding is available for this. Writing of the thesis should begin during the fall semester of the second year.

A passing grade on a comprehensive examination is required for graduation. The exam consists of three parts: 3-hour exam in real analysis; 3-hour exam on material covered by a 2-part course sequence other than real analysis; and a 1.5-hour exam on material from a third subject. Students who choose the thesis-option are exempt from the 1.5-hour exam. The examination takes place at the end of the second year.

Want to know more ?

Again, for information on the courses and admission requirements see the University Bulletin (the section on the Graduate program starts about halfway down the page).

Some of the goals of our graduate program are listed here.

And if you have any other questions, call us or email us.....or come by and see us. Remember, we're here to help.

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