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Math Placement

Students will be permitted to enroll in mathematics classes based on either a prerequisite course, their Math-ACT scores or the Mathematics Placement test as follows. (Note- the Mathematics Placement test is the version given starting in Fall 2011 and later)

Course Placement
USA Math Course Prereq/ACT/Placement Grade/Score

DS 082

Math-ACT or
Math-SAT or
Math Placement Test
Below 19
Below 500

MTH 100

Math-ACT or
Math-SAT or
Math Placement Test

MA 112

MTH 100 or
Math-ACT or
Math-SAT or
Math Placement Test
C or above
22 or above
560 or above

MA 113

MA 112 or
Math-ACT or
Math-SAT or
Math Placement Test
C or above
24 or above
590 or above

MA 115

Math-ACT or
Math-SAT or
Math Placement Test
25 or above
620 or above

MA 120

MA 112 or
MA 113 or
MA 115 or
Math-ACT or
Math-SAT or
Math Placement Test
C or above
C or above
C or above
23 or above
575 or above

MA 125

MA 113 or
MA 115 or
Math-ACT or
Math-SAT or
Math Placement Test
C or above
C or above
27 or above
665 or above

Please read:

  1. This is a new Math Placement test, effective Fall 2011. It replaces the old Math Placement test. Please note the revised scoring system.
  2. MA 110 does not require the placement test or any minimum Math-ACT score or any previous math class. But MA 110 also does not serve as a prerequisite for any other math or stat course. MA 110 only fulfills the mathematics requirements in selected academic programs. Check the University Bulletin.
  3. Students admitted to the University as conditional freshmen must take the math placement exam proctored in the Department of Developmental Studies (251-460-7155) during new student orientation. Conditional freshmen students should not take the Math Placement Test in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics. These students are required to successfully complete courses through MTH100, regardless of where they start in the DS math sequence, before beginning college-level math.

Who does not have to take the mathematics placement test ?

  • Students who have an ACT score.
  • Students who receive transfer credit for mathematics courses at or above the level of MA 112. Please refer to the student transfer credit evaluation.

Who has to take the mathematics placement test ?

  • Students who do not have an ACT score.
  • Students who need courses which have math pre-requisite of MA112 or above but no transfer credit for those courses.

Who might wish to take the mathematics placement test ?

  • Students who have course credit may take the exam to check their mastery of the material.
  • Students who disagree with the course placement as determined by ACT score.

Mathematics placement test schedule

The placement test is a computer-based test. The test will be proctored and no calculators, computers, tablets, cell-phones or outside resources will be allowed. Unless stated otherwise, the placement exam will be given in room 245 of the Instructional Laboratory Building (ILB) during the following dates:

  • (All the following dates are during the school year 2014-5)
  • October 20 at 1 pm
  • October 27 at 1 pm
  • November 3 at 1 pm
  • November 10 at 1 pm
  • November 17 at 1 pm

  • January 6 at 9 am and at 1 pm
  • January 7 at 9 am and at 1 pm
  • January 8 at 9 am and at 1 pm
  • January 12 at 1 pm
  • May 19 at 1 pm
  • May 26 at 1 pm

  • May 20 at 1pm (for Freshman Orientation)
  • May 21 at 1pm (for Transfer Orientation)

Instructions: Students must complete the placement test within one uninterrupted attempt. Logging off and logging back on to complete the test is not allowed. Students will need their JAG number and their Jagmail email address (provided by the USA Office of Admissions) to take the test. The result of a test will be emailed to the student's Jagmail email address. The mathematics placement test score will not be included on any transcript. Student should keep a copy of his/her Mathematics Placement Test results to take to his/her academic advisor.

To register for the placement test phone the Mathematics and Statistics Department (251-460-6264). If you have any questions, email

The PAWS registration system will enforce the placement and course prerequisites as indicated in the Course Placement table above.


  • Prerequisite overrides can be granted by the chair of Mathematics and Statistics, but these will only be given in exceptional cases such as those in which college credit from another institution, AP credit, or IB credit has not been recorded in PAWS.
  • Students should anticipate a 48 hour lag between the time they take the Math Placement Test and the time they can register for a math class.
  • Students should be encouraged to take the Math Placement Test early in their college career. Furthermore, they should be encouraged to fulfill their math requirements early. Mathematics knowledge and ability are necessary in quantitative courses, scientific courses, and a variety of applied business courses.
  • Retaking the Math Placement Test is allowed only under special circumstances. To do so, students must bring a signed letter stating this need to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (ILB 325). The letter must be written by either the student's present mathematics instructor, or the student's academic advisor. Students will then be placed on a contact list; retakes occur once each semester, just prior to registration for the next term, in a proctored, class-room environment.

Last modified on Monday, 17-Nov-2014 13:48:50 CST

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