The Mathematical Eeyore Project

Ever wonder why Eeyore is so sad ? It's because more people aren't having fun with math and stat.

carter.jpg hitt.jpg mishra.jpg silver.jpg williams.jpg
pillen.jpg brick.jpg prokhorov.jpg jellett.jpg pickett.jpg
summerlin.jpg cranford.jpg nmishra.jpg burchfield.jpg angela.jpg
student1.jpg student2.jpg student3.jpg student4.jpg student5.jpg
student6.jpg student7.jpg student8.jpg student9.jpg student10.jpg
student11.jpg student12.jpg student13.jpg student14.jpg student15.jpg
Eeyore wants everyone to learn math. Let's make him happy.

We hope that you've enjoyed this little bit of silliness. Now go out there and have fun, even in math !

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