Problems Viewing Online Stream

If you are having issues with viewing the online stream please try some of the following steps.

Please take the following into consideration before continuing. If you are on campus viewing (IE: dorms,labs, OPEN wireless network) then there should only be a 10 second delay for the view to come up. If you are off-campus (IE: Home, WORK, anything that's not on South's campus) then please allow 30 seconds for the player to load, depending on your connection speed.

Solution: Make sure your Windows Media Player is update
Explanation: We use Windows Media Encoder as our default output, please make sure that your players are all up-to-date.

Solution: Make sure you are connected to the internet.
Explanation: Granted, you can be connected to the internet and still not get our stream due the speed issues. If you are using dialup you most likely will not be able to view the stream simply because that is a slow connection type. Please insure that have a solid signal strength if you are using wireless or that your are connected to a wired network.

Solution: Start and Stop the Player
Explanation: Sometimes technology needs little kick. Some have found that if to stop the player and start it, it will miraculously work. Act of God? Maybe...we'll just chalk it up to irony.