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 General Manager




Alexander Scott 


Station Manager 




 Benjamin McKay 

 Program Manager




 Jacqueline Rotch 


 News Director 




 Chandler Hardin 

 Director of Advertising

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News Director
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Administrative Officers

Filled General Manager (GM) - the chief officer at JagTV. All officers report directly to the general manager. The general manager sets the work ethic, tone and pace of the station. He/she has the final say on station hires and keeps both on-air and behind-the-scenes talent in step with overall station directives. He/she creates a clear vision for the station and the blueprints for success that every staffer is expected to follow. Hourly pay. Additional: is expected to produce at least one show for JagTV.
Filled Station Manager – second-in-command of JagTV. Performs many of the same tasks as the GM but to a lesser degree. Hourly pay.
Additional: is expected to produce at least one show for JagTV.
Filled Program Manager – Over special programs. Additional: is expected to produce at least one show for JagTV.


Filled News Director – responsible for producing and directing the news program at JagTV, seeing that the proper information is collected for each broadcast, selecting and overseeing the anchors and field reporters, assigning stories, and maintaining the standards set by the GM. Weekly salary.


Open Preditorproducer/writer/editor of a show approved by the GM and station manager to be shown on JagTV. He/she is also responsible (with the help of the club) for casting roles and selecting crew. Preditors receive $15 per episode completed to JagTV standards. Any club member in good standing who has an idea for a show may present it for approval as long as he/she is willing to perform the tasks as preditor. Studio time will be reserved on a first-ask basis.
Open Volunteer – All other duties at JagTV including various crewmembers, hosts, anchors, and actors are volunteer positions. However, these are great ways to gain experience while building your résumé. Some positions are available for those with no experience at all and involve on the job training, so feel free to apply even if new to the field. Open to all members in good standing.
Open Club Member – Not ready to jump into a position yet? Many members simply come to meetings and get to know others until they are ready to join a project. This is no problem at all, and we are happy to have you.

How to Apply

First join JagTV. See Membership.

To apply for a position, come to any JagTV meeting and talk to one of the Administrative Officers. However, if you would like to express your interest in a position or find out more information you may either do so in person or by email or Facebook (private message).