Higher Ed Day 2015

Higher Ed Day 2015

Higher Ed Day is Thursday, April 9, 2015!
We will meet at UCOM @ 7AM

Every year college students, administration, and state legislatures rally for higher education funding for schools! Over the past few years funding has been lowered to fund schools. Due to this cut of funding schools have had to have cutbacks, reduce instructional capacity, and even raise tuition. We do not want this. We need to stand up and rally to increase funding and get back to where we need to be! This is the perfect opportunity to rally and let legislatures know and remind them of the need to improve university appropriations so we can increase funding!
Below are the dates of the registration drives:

    February 4, March 11, April 1: There will be tables at the Student Center and Cafe, from 11-2pm.
    February 18: There will be a table set up at the Jaguar Productions karaoke night.

E-mail us with any questions at caslce@southalabama.edu.
You can also email the SGA Attorney General at sga.attorneygeneral@southalabama.edu

Click here for our facebook event page -> https://www.facebook.com/events/441076309377521/

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*You are REQUIRED to fill out a liability waiver for this service event. You can submit it to us by: 

  • Turning it in to our office in the Student Center, Suite 240,
  • email it to us at caslce@southalabama.edu,
  • the day of the event before we depart,
  • or submit it BELOW!


Questions? Contact us at caslce@southalabama.edu or Kimberly Pettway at kpettway@southalabama.edu