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USA is a committed neighbor. We recognize that engagement with the community enriches scholarship and research, enhances teaching and learning, prepares an engaged workforce, strengthens civic responsibility, and contributes to the public good. Launched in late 2017, the Office of Community Engagement fosters collaborations between the university and the community by increasing the capacity to develop and strengthen partnerships. It supports students in attaining opportunities for experiential learning through internships, service-learning, and volunteerism. It also connects community members to the many cultural, educational, research, and entertainment offerings of the campus, while supporting faculty and staff to develop profession al skills focused on improving community engagement.

South Serves - Engage, Learn, Serve

Introducing SOUTH SERVES!  Through SOUTH SERVES you can

  • respond to the needs of our community by volunteering for agencies and organizations throughout the region
  • manage a service learning course or experience
  • participate in a service learning course 
  • explore to learn more about agencies and organizations you might choose to serve
  • post your own events and opportunities for service both on and off campus

Explore South Serves and reach out to us with any training requests or questions or (251) 460-6116.