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At USA, we recognize the importance of a quality education and are dedicated to helping you find realistic and workable ways to achieve your higher education goals. Last year, USA awarded more than $22 million in scholarship dollars, through a variety of programs. We know that finding and applying for scholarships can be hard work but with JagSPOT - USA's Scholarship Program Opportunity Tracker - it has never been easier. JagSPOT can help students search for scholarships, complete applications, accept offers, and more. Find out more information about the portal.

Scholar Spotlight: Marie Foret

Marie ForetMarie Foret is a Freshman at USA and a 2019 recipient of the Whiddon Honors Scholarship. When asked why she chose to attend the University of South Alabama, Marie said: "I chose to attend The University of South Alabama because of the Honors College, the beautiful campus, the research opportunities, and the diverse community it offered. My major at South Alabama will be Biomedical Sciences and I am extremely thrilled to start research at this institution. Overall, the many opportunities The University of South Alabama has offered me is only the beginning of so many more chances to grow and develop through this college experience."

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