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We know you want to visit. We want you here too. To see our beautiful campus. To meet our students and faculty. To tour our classrooms, student center, recreation center and residence halls. We’ll get to do that soon enough. But for now, due to precautions to keep us all safe from COVID-19, let’s meet each other online for a virtual visit. We want to answer your questions and tell you all about South. We can’t wait for you to be here.

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Life at South

Let our students show you around campus and tell you about life at South.



"I’m surrounded by people who are just as excited as I am, just as nervous as I am, just as amazed as I am. It’s definitely an environment I can thrive in."



"It’s not really just about checking boxes, it’s about doing something you're passionate about. South helped me see that."



"Here, it’s kind of like you hit a restart button. You get to make your own story as you’re going along. You get to learn new perspectives."



"You can tell the professors actually care. I can with full confidence say South has put me on the right trail, and it’s up to me now."