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Undergraduate Readmission

Is it time to hit the restart button? Sometimes life gets in the way of completing your degree. We’re here to make it easier to finish what you started.

Undergraduate students who have not been enrolled for three consecutive terms are eligible to be readmitted to the University of South Alabama. Once a Jaguar, always a Jaguar. South advisers can help you determine your status and begin the application process.

Contact the USA Office of Admissions at 251-460-6141or

Get back in the game. Finish your degree.


▼   Undergraduate Policies
  • Readmission is only required for a student who has not been enrolled for three consecutive terms.
  • An applicant must be eligible to return to the University of South Alabama.
    • Suspension Policy: A student placed on academic suspension at USA is eligible for readmission after an absence of one semester has passed, excluding summer. The student will be readmitted on probation.
    • Dismissal Policy: A student academically dismissed from USA may be considered for readmission on academic probation after a period of one calendar year has passed. Dean's approval is required.
  • A returning student, who has not attended another institution since last enrolled at USA, is readmitted on their previous academic standing at USA.
  • A returning student, who has attended institutions since last enrolled at USA, will be readmitted based on the transfer GPA as calculated by the Office of Admissions.
  • The University of South Alabama supports its students who are called into active military service or its members of a US military reserve unit. Students who have been admitted to or enrolled at the University of South Alabama may request a withdrawal to fulfill a US military obligation by contacting the Registrar’s Office. These student will be readmitted in accordance with readmission provisions in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (Section 484C of the HEA) and implementing regulations in 34 CFR Section 668.18. Students needing readmission should contact the Office of Admissions to provide notification of intent to return and would need to provide documentation of military service.
  • All transfer work from other institutions combined must be equal to or higher than a 2.0 GPA as calculated by the Office of Admissions.
  • An applicant changing from non-degree to degree is required to have all transcripts mailed to the Office of Admissions.
  • No fee is required for readmission.
▼   Admission Requirements


Required Official Documents: Official transcript(s) from all institution(s) attended since last enrolled at USA.

▼   Application Process
▼   Step 1: Application

Complete and sign the readmission application for the semester you wish to attend. Click here to access the Undergraduate Readmission Form

Return the application to the Admissions Office for processing before posted deadlines. Please submit your application using one of the following options.

Mail: Office of Admissions Meisler Hall, Suite 2500
390 Student Center Circle Mobile, AL 36688-002

Fax: (251) 460-7876


In Person: Office of the Admissions Meisler Hall, Suite 2500

▼   Step 2: Transcripts

It is the student's responsibility to contact all institutions attended since last enrolled at USA and have official transcripts mailed from those institutions to the Office of Admissions, Meisler Hall, Suite 2500, 390 Student Center Circle, Mobile, Alabama 36688-0002.

Please note The University of South Alabama is a member of the National Student Clearinghouse. Our office utilizes the Clearinghouse services to verify enrollment on prospective and returning students. Applicants are required to accurately list on their application all institutions attended after enrolling at USA.

▼   Step 3: Notification of Acceptance
The Office of the Admissions notifies all prospective returning students by U.S. mail. Notification generally takes 5 business days. During times of high volume, a longer processing time can be expected. You can also view your readmission status online through PAWS.
▼   Step 4: Check Out PAWS
  • Create a new PIN #
  • Activate your JagMail Email account
  • Check for any outstanding holds
▼   Step 5: Academic Advising

Once you have received notification of acceptance to USA, contact your major department to meet with an academic advisor.

Follow these steps to identify your academic advisor

  1. Log in to your PAWS account using your JAG Number and PIN code
  2. Select 'Student Services and Financial Aid'
  3. Select 'Student Records'
  4. Select 'General Student Information'
  5. Select Appropriate Term and Submit
  6. Primary advisor will be listed


▼   Step 6: Register for Classes

Register for classes on PAWS

  • Check registration time ticket
  • Register for classes
  • JagTraks
▼   Step 7: Tuition and Fee Payment
  • View outstanding balance on PAWS
  • View payment deadlines at Office of Student Accounting
▼   After Being Readmitted

Top Priority

  • Once readmitted, you become active like other current students. You will be eligible to register for your readmitted semester as soon as the registration period begins (based on your earned hours). Registration procedures vary from major to major.
  • Check in PAWS for holds that could delay your registration.
    • Not all holds prevent registration. Be sure to check with your academic advisor
  • For financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at (FAFSA opens in December).
  • Consult the academic calendar ( and financial calendar ( to see all important semester deadlines.
  • After semester billing posts to your student account (in PAWS), pay tuition or set up a payment plan.
    • See for additional information.
    • If you do not pay tuition or set up a payment plan by the semester deadline, your courses could be dropped.


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