South Sports

Collage of different south sports being played

Maximize Your Experience

The Intramural Program provides the opportunity to enhance the college experience outside of the traditional classroom by providing the student staff, faculty, and alumni the chance to participate in the fun and excitement of intramural competition. Intramural sports offer both an outlet for those who would prefer the arena of serious competition and a relaxed atmosphere for those that just want to unwind.

Intramurals sports offer lessons involving character, emotion, competition, humility, and overcoming adversity. All these important life lessons are learned in the intramural classroom. How one chooses to handle jubilation and disappointment, achievement and failure, winning and losing, will be as important to your personal growth and development as anything else you will experience while at the University. The classroom will develop your mind; the lessons learned outside the classroom will develop your character. In the Intramural Program, your total development is our goal, and in helping to achieve this goal, we will provide the fun and excitement. Who said college has to be boring? Get in the game!