Student Recreation Center

The Student Recreation Center

Education is a lifelong process; the University simply helps to lay the foundation for continued learning. Campus Recreation can be and should be an integral part of your learning foundation. The educational benefits afforded you by participation in recreation are great and varied. Our recreation program provides open recreation opportunities, structured intramural activities, fitness activities, outdoor recreation, aquatics activities, and sports clubs, all of which allow you to develop lifetime patterns of healthful living. In addition, through your involvement in positive recreational programs, you will meet people in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Recreational involvement serves to augment your academic pursuits. The often used phrase "a sound body - a sound mind" is more than a trite platitude, for in developing genuine physical fitness, one develops beneficial habits, which flow into the intellectual realm.

The "whole" person must grow spiritually, mentally, and physically, with each area of growth being intertwined with the others. Recreation participation is a great way to work on physical development in wholesome, sociable surroundings.

The Campus Recreation Program is not designed for only a few athletically gifted individuals. It is concerned with offering a variety of activities that will give all individuals an opportunity to participate, regardless of their ability level. I hope everyone in the University community takes advantage of what our recreation program has to offer.


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