Office of Commercialization and Industry Collaboration (OCIC)

The OCIC is responsible for managing the intellectual property assets of the University of South Alabama, while also serving as the point of contact for industry collaboration partners.  We orchestrate the cooperation between university, industry and government stakeholders to develop faculty inventions into products on the market. Although patentable inventions constitute the majority of OCIC’s licensing activities, we also handle copyright, Tangible Research Property, Material Transfer Agreements, and Confidential Disclosure Agreements. 

NEW- Employee Commercialization and Business Start-up Guide

OCIC Employee Startup Guid

USA is committed to fostering innovation, inventorship, and entrepreneurship activities along the Gulf Coast that can provide a greater benefit to our region and around the globe, thereby fulfilling the university’s goal to create meaningful contributions to society.  

In support of this commitment, USA hopes to empower its entrepreneurial employees to develop the start-up companies that will accelerate innovation in the region and complement the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mobile, AL.  This guide provides tools and resources to help university entrepreneurs through the process.  


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