Research Policies And Procedures

Grants & Contracts Accounting

PDF Facilities and Administrative Rates Policy
 USA Cost Accounting Policies & Procedures
  Roles and Responsibilities
  Research Compliance Regulatory Issues
  Pre Award Policies
  Pre Award Budgeting
  Pre Award Proposal Routing
  Pre Award Proposal Development
  Post Award Policies
  Post Award Policies
  Post Award Budgeting
  Post Award Project Closeouts
  Post Award Project Transfer
  Cost Principles
  Cost Sharing
  Effort Reporting
  Minority Business
  Program Income
  Service Centers

Academic Affairs

  USA Faculty Handbook

Research Compliance and Assurance

PDF Human Subjects Research
PDF Animal Care and Use
PDF Biological Hazards
Export Control Basics
PDF Export Control Flowchart
  Pre-Award Checklist
  Post-Award Checklist
Standards in Conduct of Research
  Data Management Practices Policy
  Data Management and Laboratory Ownership Policy
  Laboratory Notebooks:  Best Principles and Standards
  Policy on Authorship and Publication
       Guidance on Authorship Dispute Resolution
  Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct
  Policy on RCR Training for Students and Postdoctoral Fellows
  USA Whistleblower and Non-Retaliation

Written Agreement on Disposition or Research Data and/or Lab Notebooks

Conflict Of Interest And Conflict Of Commitment
  Individual Annual Disclosure Forms
  Annual Disclosure Form
    Annual Disclosure Attachment A (if applicable)
    Annual Disclosure Attachment B (if applicable) 
  Institutional Annual Disclosure Forms
  Institutional Disclosure Form
  Institutional Review Form
  Faculty Consulting Form
  External Professional Activities (Consulting) for Pay Form
  Appeal Forms
  Conflict of Interest Dean Appeal Form
  University Conflict of Interest Committee Review
  COI Management Plan Template
    Template: Management Plan for Human Subjects Research

Vice President for Research

PDF  Centers and Institutes - Guide to Creating and Managing...
PDF  Definition of Sponsored Projects
PDF  External Professional Activities (Consulting) for Pay Form
PDF  Conflict of Commitment/Financial Conflict of Interest
PDF  Principal Investigator Policy
   Harassment Protections

Intellectual Property Management

PDF  Copyright Policy
PDF  Equity Policy
PDF  Patent and Invention Policy
PDF  Tangible Research Property Policy

Clinical Trials

PDF  Coverage Analysis Policy
   Coverage Analysis Template