College Research Council

The College Research Council (CRC), initiated in FY 2009, is comprised of associate deans for research and/or equivalents. The Council meets periodically to share information, promote research collaborations, and to receive updates on research policies and procedures.

College Research Council Members:

Adams, Elizabeth - Allied Health
Berry, Robert - Internal Audit
Brislin, Harry - Technology Research Park
Byrd, Andy - Commercialization & Industry Collaboration
Chambers, Michael - Research Innovation
Chapman, Debra - School of Computing
Chronister, Lynne - Chair of CRC / ORED
Fruh, Sharon - Nursing
Green, Andre - Education
Hedberg, Gina - Sponsored Programs
Lahtinen, Kyre - MCOB
Layton, Dusty - Research Compliance & Assurance
McCready, Susan - Arts & Sciences
Pardue, Harold - Academic Affairs/Grad School
Pierson, Milton - MCI
Reichert, William - Research Development & Learning
Rich, Thomas - Medicine
Schwindt, Julie - Grants and Contracts Accounting
Woods, Clive - Engineering