Research Misconduct

Standards In Conduct Of Research

Members of the University of South Alabama campus community are expected to adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct in carrying out their teaching, research and service responsibilities. Such conduct is subject to norms and ethical codes that vary somewhat among disciplines, as well as to differing individual perceptions and interpretations; but certain general ethical guidelines reflecting the commitment of the campus to these standards are applicable to all University of employees.

As an institution devoted to the creation and dissemination of new knowledge through research and scholarship, USA is committed to maintaining the truthfulness and integrity fundamental to these activities through the responsible and ethical conduct of its faculty, academic professionals, staff and students. The University has developed and approved procedures for dealing with alleged misconduct outlined in the Faculty Handbook. These procedures are also intended to protect innocent researchers and scholars from harassment, to prevent interference with their academic freedom, and to protect from retribution those who report alleged misconduct.

Professional Conduct

  • Members of an academic unit must honor contractual obligations in teaching, research and public service. They should further conduct themselves in a professional and collegial manner in all dealings with each other.
  • Members of academic units should provide an environment for professional development of all staff.'
  • Individuals assessing the work of others should base their assessments on appropriate professional criteria.
  • Members of academic units should seek collegial resolution of professional disputes. Individuals engaged in teaching, research or public service should respect and abide by legitimate and reasonable requests for confidentiality.
  • Individuals conducting research have an obligation to follow procedures that assure the ethical treatment of human subjects and animals.
  • Individuals engaged in research and teaching should understand and comply with pertinent regulations for health and safety in the workplace; should see to it that students and collaborators in learning or research projects understand and comply with these regulations; and should work to minimize risks to health and safety in the learning or research environment.
  • Individuals conducting research should spend research monies in ways consistent with the goals stated in contract documents.