Center for Academic Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

"The Center for Academic Service-Learning and Civic Engagement is dedicated to getting students involved with the community, providing plenty of service opportunities and giving back to the community."
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    We strive to give students every opportunity we can to gain presence in the community and to help others in need! By volunteering, every student is allowed the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and insight on how the community is functioning and how they can do their part to help better it
    Here at CASLCE, we provide countless opportunities for students to volunteer. We have many events that are annually such as MLK Day of Service, Higher Education Day, and Homeless Connect. For more information, please visit our Past Events page
    We want students to truly see what issues are impacting the local community and how they can play a role in helping solve them. There are so many opportunities that students can get involved with through CASLCE to make an impact in other lives
    We promote learning in everything we do. There is so much need in our community that, through events, students can learn further on what is happening and how they can help resolve issues. We want students to get an understanding, through learning, on how everyone plays a role in our community no matter how big or small or might be!