International Away Electives

(Students need 6 months in advance for approval)

South Alabama faculty have numerous connections with physicians locally, nationally and abroad who would be willing to let the student participate in an off-campus experience with them. Sources of information on out-of-country or Public Health Service electives are also available as follows:

The Office of International Studies at USA must be contacted at (251) 460-7053 and its procedures followed six (6) months in advance of the date the student plans to leave.

Please be advised of the following policy pertaining to review and approval of activities and programs related to USA students traveling abroad.

All international activities - study, internships, research, service learning, etc., abroad and USA sponsored programs abroad - involving student travel outside the continental United States must be reviewed and approved in advance through the USA Office of International Education (OIE) and Office of Academic Affairs. Such review will include but not be limited to compliance with USA business policy and procedures, accreditation, safety and security aspects, administrative support and other issues related to international travel and specific destinations. OIE has specific procedures in place that have been reviewed by USA University Counsel, Office of Risk Management, USA Business Affairs, Office of Research Compliance and Assurance, and Academic Affairs for individual as well as group education abroad activities. For individual student advising (case by case) related to study, research, internships, etc. abroad please refer to OIE for advising and documentation support.

If the student is planning to do an INT-400 –The student should contact the COM Student Affairs Associate Registrar BEFORE contacting the International Education office on campus. The student must confirm with the Associate Registrar that the foreign course INT 400 is already placed in banner. OASIS and Banner are not the same and cannot transfer information to one another. The course is NOT approved until all forms are into the Office of Medical Education & Student Affairs in Mastin #202 six months in advance. The Office of International Studies at USA must be contacted six months in advance at (251) 460-7053 and its procedures followed. All students planning an Away program abroad must contact USA OIE for review details and procedures.