Schedule Change (Add/Drop)


To drop or add an elective rotation, the following procedure is to be followed.   Electives can be added only on a “space available” basis. Check the availability in OASIS before completing the drop/add form. Changes in the student’s schedule can be processed unless those changes would drop the student below 32 weeks or the student has waited too late to process paperwork.  Drop/adds for some acting internships (“AI’s”) should be completed no later than 8 weeks in advance of the rotation to enable scheduling in the departments.  If the student completes the drop/add paperwork at least 30 days prior to the start date of the course and if the dates exactly match the block dates, the student is only required to sign the form and obtain their faculty advisor’s signature.  If the student wishes to make a change after the 30 day period, it will be at the discretion of the course director(s) and will require signatures of all course directors involved and the student’s faculty advisor’s signature. Simply complete the form and obtain signatures then turn it in to the Office of Medical Education & Student Affairs in the Mastin Building room #202.  The drop/add forms will be date stamped upon receipt by that office. The forms are located in the student room area of Mastin 202 or online under Medical Education & Student Affairs / Senior Class.

  1. If the student wishes to add an elective, first log into OASIS to determine if availability exists. Pick up a form (Drop/Add form) from the Office of Medical Education & Student Affairs in Mastin 202 or print one online at:    (Located under M4 Senior Class)
  2. Consult with the faculty advisor and obtain his/her signature. 
  3. Return the form with the necessary signatures to the Mastin Office of Medical Education & Student Affairs at least 30/60 days before the start date of the rotation.

The student should note that a significant time interval may exist between steps 1 and 3 It is conceivable that more than one senior could be seeking a single vacant slot in an elective.  The first student to submit a completed "Add/Drop form" to the Mastin office will get the elective slot.  It should be clear that the longer the student takes to begin and complete the change process, the greater the chance for conflict becomes.   Occasionally a student will want to take a course that is filled.  The office cannot take the word of a student to add them to a full course and paperwork MUST follow every change to a student’s schedule.   Students should not ask a Course Director to make an exception for them to be added to a full course.  This is not fair to other students already scheduled for the course.  If the rotation could actually accommodate more students, that is, afford them a good educational experience, the positions would have been open from the beginning.  If a course director wants to add openings in his or her course, we will send an email to the entire Senior class telling them that a new position/ more slots have been opened in that course and give them a deadline to apply for the new position. All of the requests received will be treated equally and chosen by lottery.  You can see that the student initiating this exception will have to jump through a lot of hoops and even then they may not receive the desired rotation.