Mistreatment / Health and Wellness

The full Mistreatment Policy is located can be in USA College of Medicine Student Handbook.

The Ombudsperson

The position of the Ombudsperson has been established to help resolve conflicts. His/her role is to mediate between the conflicting parties and strive for reconciliation. Either party can approach the Ombudsperson to seek assistance. To achieve neutrality, the Ombudsperson is chosen by the Dean of the College of Medicine from faculty unrelated to the department in which the incident occurred.

Current Ombudsmen by location:

Ron Balczon, Ph.D. (campus) ‐ rbalczon@southalabama.edu 251‐460‐6776
Lynn Batten, M.D. (Children’s & Women’s) ‐ LBatten@health.southalabama.edu 251‐434‐3494
Sarah Sayner, Ph.D. (campus) - ssayner@southalabama.edu 251‐460-6959
Jon Simmons, M.D. (University Hospital) ‐ jdsimmons@health.southalabama.edu 251‐471‐7971

Health and Wellness Counselor:

Dr. Becky Smith - beckysmith@southalabama.edu (251) 460-7051