To log into OASIS, go to the URL from any computer: http://usouthal.oasisscheduling.com/index.html and enter the username which is the University issued student identification number (J#). Also enter the username in the space below to indicate the student would like a password emailed to them (as if the student has forgotten theirs or have not been assigned one yet). The student will receive a new password by email which will enable them to log into OASIS. If the student would like to change their password (recommended), the student should locate that under the "Account" tab in OASIS. There is also an OASIS link on the Medical Education & Student Affairs web-site under Senior Class.

How the lottery works: The lottery system can be described as generating a randomized listing of all the students in a given class, assigning each student one rotation from their prioritized list and then repeating until all selections have been tried. A round is defined as each time the list of all student names is processed. Before each round the list of students is randomized. During each round, OASIS adds courses from the student’s prioritized selections list, beginning with the first student whose name appears on the randomized list. If that student’s top choice for a rotation is available, OASIS will assign that student to that rotation and move on to the second student whose name appears on the randomized list. If the student’s top choice for a rotation cannot be accommodated, OASIS will attempt to place the student in his or her second choice for a rotation before moving on to the next student whose name appears on the randomized list. At the end of each round every student will either have one course added to his or her schedule or all of his or her selections have been tried. Each course can only be placed on the schedule once. After a course is placed on the student’s schedule (e.g.: MED 450 in Block 1), OASIS will ignore any alternate dates remaining on the student’s selections list (e.g.: MED 450 in Block 4).

What the student needs to do:  Once the selection process begins, the student will login to OASIS, and choose the 2019-2020 academic year. The student will see "Open" to the right of the year. The student should list selections in order of preference. - Click Add Course - Choose the Department - Click Search (Do not limit the search at all) - Click Add - Check the available Block time periods the student would like to schedule the rotation - Click Add Selected Course - Return to schedule - Be sure the order of choices is correct because that is the order the lottery will look at the selections and try to process them. That's all there is to it. The student can add rotations to their selections list and also change the order of their selections list. OASIS will always place new additions at the end of the list so make sure the student has the priority list (on the left) in the order they want the selections made.

How to maximize results: The main thing is to plan ahead and make contingency plans. The student may be assigned their first selection but the student should always put down backups. For example, if getting a surgery AI at the beginning of the senior year is very important, the student’s first selections should be ranked higher than taking another requirement if the student does not have a preference as to when they complete their specialties requirement. If a student is assigned what they want, all the alternatives listed subsequently are ignored, so it doesn’t hurt to put down alternatives. After all rotations and audition electives are scheduled, if there are changes to the schedule the student would like to pursue, the student will be able to make changes during Drop/Add stage. We are sure we will have a successful senior scheduling process and the student will be able to have online access to view their senior schedule at anytime. The student will be able to view course availability throughout the academic year if they wish to change their schedule. Drop/Add forms are due no later than 30 days before the affected block begins unless stated in OASIS.