Pharmacy Residency Program

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Welcome to the USA Health Pharmacy Residency page. USA Health is part of the University of South Alabama and is comprised of University Hospital, Children’s & Women’s Hospital, Mitchell Cancer Institute and numerous clinics across Mobile and Baldwin counties. The Pharmacy Residency Program is highly diverse and combined with our rotations, allows for a broad exposure to varied pharmacy practice settings. Our goal is to provide a stellar educational process and produce exceptional practitioners for the future. 


▼   PGY-1 Program

PGY-1 Program

The PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency Program provides thorough training in all aspects of the pharmacy practice. There are options to tailor electives to meet individual goals of practice growth or continued education in a PGY-2 program. Areas of practice will include general medicine, pediatrics, critical care, administration and pharmacy practice. Other options include burn, emergency medicine and oncology. Research experience is encouraged throughout the residency with opportunities to participate in pharmacy projects. The focus of the USA Health Pharmacy Residency Program is to develop a new practitioner into a well-rounded and competent pharmacist in anticipation of entering the diverse pharmaceutical world.

▼   PGY-2 Program

PGY-2 Program

The ambulatory care PGY-2 program at the USA Health Family Medicine Center will help the resident develop expert-level, evidence-based knowledge in the area of chronic disease management. Residents are exposed to a variety of disease states including diabetes, weight loss and nutrition, hypertension, dyslipidemia, anticoagulation, respiratory disease, heart failure and transitions of care practice. This program will also prepare residents to conduct research in practical areas of the ambulatory care pharmacy practice and foster relationships between multiple health care disciplines to carry out robust research design. We strive to develop the knowledge, attitudes, training and skills necessary to cultivate pharmacists who are competent and compassionate practitioners capable of working on an interdisciplinary team within a large healthcare system and serving as a leader in the field. Residents, who successfully complete our residency program, are well prepared for an advanced patient care practice or an academic position to pursue board certification in ambulatory care. 

▼   Rotation Plan

PGY-1 Overview

Core Rotations (5 weeks Duration):

  1. Orientation
  2. Internal Medicine I
  3. Internal Medicine II
  4. Administration
  5. Pediatric Selective (Choose 1)
    1. PICU
    2. General Pediatrics
    3. NICU
  6. ICU Selective (Choose 1)
    1. MICU
    2. STICU

Elective Rotations (Choose 3):

  1. NICU
  2. Ambulatory Care
  3. Informatics
  4. Emergency Medicine
  5. STICU
  6. Infectious Diseases

*Permission from the program coordinator and preceptor must be obtained to repeat any rotation month as an elective.*


  1. Ambulatory Care – 3-month rotation
  2. Projects (main research project and any others as assigned by preceptors)
  3. Teaching certificate – Auburn Resident Teaching and Learning Program
  4. Drug Information

Staffing Requirement:

  1. Max 80 hours per week (includes rotations, staffing, moonlighting, etc.)
  2. Staff every third weekend 
  3. One 4-hour afternoon/evening shift per week
  4. One holiday (Christmas or Thanksgiving)
▼   Contact Information

PGY-1 Contact Information:

ShaRhonda Watkins, Pharm.D., M.B.A., B.C.P.S. 
PGY-1 Program Director
USA Health University Hospital
2451 University Hospital Drive, Mobile, AL 36617
P: (251) 445-8228  

PGY-2 Contact Information:

Sean Smithgall, Pharm.D.
PGY-2 Program Director
P: (251) 445-9313