Within the Plasma Universe - The Students

Posted on April 1, 2020 by Katherine Macgilvray
Katherine Macgilvray

Thanh Dang, Senior in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, was featured along with other students in "Within the Plasma Universe," Issue No. 2, Spring 2019. This is a newsletter published by NSF EPSCoR RII-Track 1 project, Connecting the Plasma Universe to Plasma Technology in Alabama.

Thanh was one of the 2019 CIPPTA Interns with the CFD Research Corporation. He stated, "I've learned about methods to compute fluid simulations and how to visualize them. The best part is that there are various community events happening consistently in and around the company and sometimes there are free lessons on software and software development. I would tell other students participating that they should attend the community events if they are free. It's a great way to improve yourself and meet others."


Tanner Hickman, Class of Spring 2019, was also featured in this newsletter as one of the 2019 Science and Technology Open House Poster Awardees at the Undergraduate Level. He came in second place with his poster featuring work on the "Characterization of Non-volatile, Self-neutralizing Acids formed from Ionic Liquids and CO2."

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