Posted on July 18, 2017 by Keith Bohnet
Keith Bohnet

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USA’s Department of Music is pleased to announce its 2017-2018 Musical Arts Concert Series, featuring faculty recitals and student ensemble performances worthy of inclusion on anyone's "not-to-be-missed" list of events.  Regular Musical Arts Series attendees at the Laidlaw Performing Arts Center have been treated since 2001 to an average of 35 series concerts per season, and this season will be no exception!  Student ensemble programs range from regular concerts by the Wind Ensemble, Symphony Band, University Chorale, Opera & Musical Theatre, Percussion Ensemble, Concert Choir, USA Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Flute Choir, various World Music Ensembles, Brass Ensembles, and Piano Ensembles, while the performing faculty normally is represented in half of the concerts in the form of terrific solo and chamber ensemble recitals.

Go to the USA Music Department website at to find out more about the Musical Arts Concert Series, including how to become a member of the Musical Arts Society, how to purchase a season pass, where to find our list of Musical Arts Series concerts, how to find out about our “other” 50 concerts a year, and so much more!

Season brochures will be mailed out to previous season pass holders around the end of July.  If you are not on our mailing list already, please go to the website to download an application for a season pass.  And if you are on the mailing list and just can’t wait for the brochure, do the same!! The season pass application is on the website at

If you need to talk or email directly, contact events coordinator Keith Bohnet by voice at (251) 460-7116 or email and let him know you need to chat for a few moments.  Or if you prefer, just send him your mailing address and he will send you the paperwork you need!

Get your pass, and we’ll see you at the concerts!!  (First concert on the series is August 29!!)

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