Spring 2023 audition results for Wind Ensemble and Symphony Band released.

Posted on January 10, 2023 by Dr. Will Petersen
Dr. Will Petersen

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Concert band audition results have been released for the Spring of 2023.  Congratulations to everyone who auditioned for a concert band this semester!

The USA Wind Ensemble will have its first rehearsal on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 2023 at 12:00PM in the Laidlaw Rehearsal Hall.  The USA Symphony Band  will have its first rehearsal on THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 2023 at 11:00AM in the Laidlaw Rehearsal Hall..

Students in Wind Ensemble should be enrolled for MUO 127/427/527 and students enrolled in Symphony Band should be enrolled in MUO 117/417/517.

Wind Ensemble rehearses on M/W from 11:15AM-1:10PM and F from 11:15AM-12:05PM.  Symphony Band rehearses on T/TH from 11:00AM-12:15PM.


  • Instrumental music majors who were not placed in a concert band should register for University Band (MUO137/MUO437) which meets from 4-6PM on Wednesdays.
  • Instrumental minors not placed in a concert band should register for University Band as well if they are required to participate in a major ensemble. 
  • First and second year JMB students who are required to participate in a band should register for University Band if not placed in Wind Ensemble or Symphony Band
  • Non-majors who did not make Wind Ensemble or Symphony Band are encouraged to join University Band and also consider performing with a small ensemble!  

Again, thank you to everyone who auditioned!


USA Wind Ensemble
Spring 2022
William H. Petersen, conductor


August Gallaher, principal
Marlo Daniels
Maddie Kille
Katelyn Badtke

Crystal Garrard

Reese Liggett, principal
Shannon Kille
Gabriel Clark
Kandace Davis
Dylan Hughes

Bass Clarinet
Erin Lockwood

Lizzy Faust, alto (co-principal)
Wyndal Mosley, alto (co principal)
Greg Weatherly, tenor
Zander Westphal, baritone

Nathan Shadix, co-principal
Ethan Walsh, co-principal
Brett Fabacher
Liz Lajnef
Lindsey Hawkins
Jared Freeman

Garrett Booth, principal
Mason Ledbetter
Mallori Garner
William Stoll

Ben Brunson, principal
Cooper Tate
Joshua Walker
Harrison Howell, bass

Trevor Sullivan
Gabe Merchant

Mark Sayler, principal
Joey White

Sam Goecke, principal
Tyler Scott
Nathaniel Slater
Ryan Wright


USA Symphony Band
Spring 2023
Robert D. Abend, conductor

* denotes principal

Trinity Mays (Pic)
*Mia Jalkh
Kadence Clemmons
Elizabeth Courtney
Katherine Davidson
Emma Norris
Sarah Harlin

*Crystal Garrard
Rebecca Guthrie

Jenna Garrison

*Kandace Davis
Elaina Olewnik
Aeilya Walker
Daisha Taylor           
Sarah Lewis

Bass Clarinet
Reese Liggett

Saxophone (Parts TBD)
Paxtyn Breland
Riley Duncan
Christian Hall
Julia Hinkle

*Dakota Mellick
Zach Nelson
Andrew McKinley
Kaitlyn Sykes
James Gandy
Desmond Foster
Nathan Cobb
Sam Collins

*Everett Salter
Hannah Ingram
Alexa Posey
Gabrielle Knight

*Marshall Waites
Jeff Ward
Joshua Whiting       
Keisei Valez Yamaoka
Brianna Rawden
Sam Fulton (Bass) 

*Tael Mckellar
Joel Jones
Hunter Brown
Paul Cowan

*Erin Dees
Aidan Bullard

*Nathaniel Slater
Blake Odom
Tyler Scott
Zane Johnson
Gabrielle Gichie


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