Going Strong for 46 Years

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The Southerners were established as the University’s official ambassadors in 1978. They are a ubiquitous presence at University functions and help out at events including for visiting dignitaries, Convocation and Board of Trustees meetings. They also sponsor service events. In all, the members worked 2,185 hours during the 2023-24 academic year. 

The size of the Southerners group has increased over the years to accommodate the number of requests for them to appear. They started as a crew of 12, then increased to 20 in 2014, 24 in 2022 and 28 in 2023.

The Southerners sit on the front row of the visitor’s section when the Jags travel to Troy. The tradition catches the attention of broadcast crews when the game is televised.

The Southerners presented the concept of the JagTran program to President Gordon Moulton in 2005 and assisted in fundraising. A photo of the group in front of the first JagTran was used in a holiday card to all alumni that year.

Dressing the Part

THE ORIGINAL UNIFORMS for the Southerners included red jackets and navy pants for the men and all navy for the women.

Throughout the years they alternated from all red for both men and women to all navy to a combination of the two.

The women introduced the signature red heel as part of their uniform in 2009.

The men moved to the red jacket and navy pants permanently in 2014 and added the bow tie. The bow ties 
were an unexpected addition. Originally ordered as part of a new online alumni store, the ties caught the attention of the Southerners, who have been wearing them since.

Men's clothing for southerners.
Women's clothing for Southerners.

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