Document Review Process

Upon uploading your documents to Handshake:

  • A staff member will review your documents and provide feedback based on industry standards
  • A label will be given to your documents; either ‘Approved’ or ‘Changes Required

Reviewal Considerations:

  • Priority is given to documents used for expiring Handshake positions
  • Documents do not require a review in order to apply for positions in Handshake
  • Contact Career Services if you need immediate feedback (see below)

IMPORTANT: To ensure documents are of competitive quality, have them critiqued by Career Services prior to uploading and applying for positions in Handshake.   Consider these resources to assist you in building or perfecting your documents:

  • Awato document creator assists in creating a resume document from scratch or updating an existing document and receive suggestions.  Awato will analyze your job or related industry posting and suggest key words, content, and formatting.
  • For information on building and perfecting your resume, visit our Resume Writing page
  • For a quick 15 minute review of your resume come for Drop-In Career Advising
  • Request a face-to-face resume critique appointment or telephone resume critique appointment (for distance learners or those with scheduling conflicts) by contacting our office at (251) 460-6188 or