Donate Your Time

USA staff working with students in stockroom in job shadow day.

Inspire Tomorrow’s Leaders!

What to give back to South? Donate your time!

What can our students gain from time spent with you?  Valuable advice, guidance, and a sense of empowerment as they begin their journey towards their future.

Pick your experience!

We are excited to partner with you to help our students experience a day in the life of your career. Experiences can range from career conversations (email, phone call, or even coming to campus and having lunch on us!), individual shadowing observations, or group student tours. Your time commitment could be as little as a quick phone call or as long as a tour of your business takes!

Why is this valuable for our students?

Students can gain insight into your profession, explore career paths, and experience how their particular majors are beneficial in the workplace. Participate in a chance to increase brand awareness and access new talent with a minimal time commitment.

We need your help!

Please submit your request through the Employer Engagement Interest Form. We will follow up with you and discuss the matching process in more detail.

Coming Soon….

Hear from other alumni and employers talk about their experiences donating their time!