Employer Handshake Registration

  1. Access the https://southalabama.joinhandshake.com/login to create a user profile. If your organization does not already have an employer account, you will need to create one by selecting 'Sign up for an account'.

  2. After you create an employer account, Handshake's Trust and Safety team will manually review and validate the account. An email will be sent to the address provided indicating “Your account is under review”. The message includes next steps and a direct link to contact Handshake's Trust and Safety team.
    • If Handshake's review finds safety concerns with your account or a possible violation of their Terms of Service, access will be revoked and you will receive a message upon login stating that your account is temporarily suspended.

    • If no safety concerns are found with your account, access will be granted, and a notification is sent via email confirming “Your account is now active”. 

  3. If you need additional assistance please notify Career Development (csemployerteam@southalabama.edu or 251-460-6188) or visit Getting Started With Handshake: Employers.