Career Services knows that you are very busy with teaching, research, and service. We can save you valuable time, while enhancing our students' knowledge. When students come to you with questions about careers or majors, send them to Career Services. Our staff is on hand to assist them with their career development needs.


Career Services is also pleased to assist with critiquing resumes and cover letters.

Career Services would like to remind you that we are available to make presentations to campus groups (including classes and student organizations) on a wide variety of topics. Presentation lengths can vary to fit the needs of your class and students. Presentations can be designed from 5 minutes to an entire class period. Career Services is also available to provide multi-session seminars. Topics regularly presented include the following:

 Career Services Overview
 Effective Communication Skills 
 Interviewing Success
 Professional Behavior
 Resume Development
 The Job Search 
 What Can I Do With This Major
Are you looking for ways to assist students with professionalism? Volunteers are needed at various Career Services events. 

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The Career Services staff can also create specialized presentations to meet the needs of your group or class. Please contact (251) 460-6188 for more information on the services we can provide you.