Handshake for Employers

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Important Announcement for Employers 

We are pleased to announce our transition to Handshake - a modern platform for you and your recruiting team to connect with talented University of South Alabama students and alumni. Handshake offers you and your recruiting team the ability to:

  • Post positions once and select University of South Alabama
  • Manage your postings, interview schedules, and events/fairs from your mobile device
  • Engage with students and alumni in the University of South Alabama Handshake community! 

Create your account in Handshake and Post a Job

▼   Employer Registration
  1.  Access the https://southalabama.joinhandshake.com/login to create a user profile. If your organization does not already have an employer account, you will need to create one by selecting 'Sign up for an account'.  

  2. Once you have signed up, you will receive an email to verify your information.  Click on the link in the email to finish the registration process.  After you have finished creating a company profile or join an existing company, your account will be approved within 2-3 business days.

  3. Once your account/profile has been approved, you will be able to log in to Handshake and post a job.

    For help getting started, visit Handshake's support
▼   USA Campus Department Registration

Campus departments are encouraged to post student employment positions in Handshake. For positions related to work-study, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Important Note: When you initially create your employer account, please preface your campus department with 'University of South Alabama' including the applicable office (or division) name, e.g., 'University of South Alabama Southbound New Student Orientation'. 

  1. Access https://southalabama.joinhandshake.com/login. If you are a returning user, sign in with your email address. New users will need to create a user profile by selecting 'Sign up for an Account'.  

  2. Select 'Employer' account and complete your user profile information. Once completed, you will receive a verification email.

  3. After verifying your profile information, you will see a list of existing University of South Alabama departments. If you do not see your department, you will need to create a company profile by selecting 'New Company'. Enter 'company information' as related to your department. e.g. size of company = the # of staff in your department.  

  4. Once you have created your company profile, request to connect with the 'University of South Alabama'.

  5. Your account will be pending for review and will be approved within 2-3 business days. Once approved, you will be able to log in to Handshake and post your on-campus student employment positions and department-related events.

    For help getting started, visit Handshake's support.
▼   Post a Job, Co-op or Internship Opportunity
  1. Select the “Jobs” tab on the left side of the navigation bar. This will bring up the Job Postings page.

  2. Select “New Job” in the upper right-hand corner.

  3. Once you’ve arrived on the job form, complete the required fields and select “Create Job” at the end of the form. To ensure the position shows up in a variety of searches, complete as many of the fields as possible.

  4. You will be asked to complete the Job Qualifications to match up with qualified students. Once you’re finished, select “Update Qualifications.” This will bring you to the job summary page, where you can see all of the information you just entered.

  5. The new job has now been submitted for approval and will be approved within 2-3 business days. 

  6. View Handshake's How do I post a Job? article for more information. If you need assistance, go to the Handshake Help Center.

Need Additional Assistance?

Handshake representatives are responsive and eager to troubleshoot for you! You can reach out by selecting the Help link in the blue navigation bar at the top of your Handshake screen. You can also contact our office at (251) 460-6188 or careerservices@southalabama.edu.

Please note: Handshake is best viewed with completely updated web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari).