Current Job Market

Advice for Job and Internship Seekers During COVID-19

For those of you seeking a job or internship right now, don't be discouraged. There are employers still hiring! We encourage you to think about the following as you begin your job search:

  • Consider additional job titles you had not considered previously
  • Update your job search by doing an informational interview or reach out to a company directly
  • Review your social media presence (Handshake and LinkedIn profiles)
  • Learn a new skill to make you more marketable during this time

We recommend you review the articles and resources below to assist you in your search.

Select the graphic below to view information on Graduating in the Age of COVID-19 by The Washington Center

Graduating in the age of COVID-19 - Student Guide by The Washington Center


Articles by Handshake and



Part-Time, Full-time, Co-op and Internship positions can be located by logging into your Handshake account.

Additional job/internship search resources and course information


Contact Us to Discuss Your Job or Internship Search

Our advisors are taking appointments each week. You can choose to make an appointment by phone or Zoom meeting. Schedule your appointment in Navigate South or email your appointment request to careerservices@southalabama. We also have many digital resources that can help you in all aspects of your search.