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Conquer your student debt, advance your Dream!                             Introduction to SAVI - Video

The path to reducing your monthly student loan payment and working toward loan forgiveness could be getting much easier. That’s because you and your family members have access to a robust solution that helps you find the best federal repayment and forgiveness programs for your financial situation.

For employees of the University of South Alabama, USA HealthCare Management LLC, and USA Health Care Authority

Brought to you through TIAA and powered by Savi, this tool helps strengthen your financial footing in the short term and positions you for student loan forgiveness.

  • Reduces your payment based on your income and family size
  • Frees up funds to direct towards your financial goals, such as retirement or emergency savings  
  • Removes the complexities of forgiveness and handling all of the paperwork, employment certifications and e-file—all for a small fee

At TIAA, we’re committed to helping you stay in control of your finances at all stages of life. We’re in your corner when it comes to student debt—and for the long haul.

Borrowers start on to get a free assessment and then are directed to Savi

Getting started is easy


First, simply provide your income, monthly payment, and see your estimated savings instantly.

From there, you can finish the online application and enroll. Just be sure to have handy your:

Most recent tax return or tax transcript

Student loan information

Benefits of the Savi Essential Service

Take the stress out of filing with the Savi Essential service and receive 1-on-1 support from student loan experts. All the paperwork, employment certifications and e-filing will be handled each year for a small annual fee:

  • Digitally prefill and submit all paperwork on your behalf
  • Yearly recertification of repayment and forgiveness plans
  • Ongoing application monitoring to ensure you cross the forgiveness finish line
  • Get annual enrollment reminders and updates on new programs and policy change