Being a History Major in Germany

Posted on April 11, 2022 by Rachel Pounders
Rachel Pounders

An aerial view of red rooftops in Germany. data-lightbox='featured'

Castle in GermanyAs a history major, we are constantly studying events that happened years ago all over the world. We learn about battles and battlefields, kings and castles, towns and taverns but most historians simply read about what happened. Being able to go to the location it happened and see the remnants of that piece of history is a completely different feeling. It makes the history so much more interesting. My personal favorite history is British monarch history. When I traveled to London and got to visit thePaintings on wall castles and churches that the kings and queens I loved to read about actually lived, it made the history that much more interesting. Many of the castle tours that I went on were self-guided tours with an audio from your phone. This audio would play based on the room you were in, meaning the historical stories that you were listening to were about that specific place. It was easy to feel like you were a part of the history.

When traveling anywhere within Europe, the history is going to be rich. Around every corner, it seems, there is a castle, historical landmark, or building. In many towns in Europe the central part of the city is known as old town, because it is just that, old. When I studied abroad in Heidelberg Germany, whenever we wanted to go out to eat or shopping we would travel to Altstadt (Old Town). We would walk by buildings that have been around for hundreds of years with the Heidelberg castle gleaming above. On the weekends, we went on weekend trips to Munich or Nuremburg. We would spend our time touring castles, taking city tours and learning all we could about the area. Students in front of castle

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