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Posted on November 12, 2020 by Kaytlin Thornton
Kaytlin Thornton

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Virtual Study Abroad Fair Flyer

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., The Office of International Education, OIE, will host another virtual study abroad fair as a part of International Education Week. 

Study Abroad gives students the opportunity to travel to foreign countries and experience other cultures while still earning credits towards their degree. OIE will hold several events throughout International Education Week, including goodie bag giveaways on Monday, and a cooking show on Wednesday.

The virtual fair will focus on the variety of faculty-led programs that South has to offer. These are programs where groups of students will go abroad with a USA professor. The fair will have several different Zoom rooms that students can jump into and ask any questions they may have to program directors and campus partners. 

USA Professor, Dr. David Meola, will lead a program next semester called Jewish Spaces in Germany to explore Jewish history in Germany from 1000CE to the present day.

“This trip will explore the many successes that Jews and Jewish communities had in spite of the latent and often pervasive anti-Jewish sentiment,” Dr. Meola said. “Of course, we will also look to the sites of horror that Nazi Germany used to persecute and murder Jews and others during the Holocaust – not just the camps, but many of the local sites where violence occurred – and the many sites of remembrance throughout the country.”

Dr. Meola also emphasized the importance of studying abroad based on his own experiences and encouraged students to take advantage of the opportunity if they are able.

“Study Abroad can be a transformational experience for those who embrace discomfort and being in new surroundings. It is a chance to learn outside the confines of a walled classroom and take in your environment fully,” Dr. Meola said. “ I can only explain this in how much my own life has been shaped by Study Abroad: ever since my full semester abroad in Vienna, Austria some 20 years ago, hardly a year has gone by that I have not returned to Europe to research, visit friends and travel. My life and my career have been shaped by my time abroad, and I always look forward to the next trip.”

Some of the other faculty-led programs include: USA in the UK, USA Partners in Caring: Medicine in Kenya, USA- The Contribution of Great Britain in Science and Medicine, and USA Visual Arts in Italy. Students who are interested in attending the study abroad fair can RSVP using this form.


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