USAonline Fundamentals Do-It-Yourself Certification Request

USAonline Fundamentals Certification can be achieved without attendance or completion of formal USAonline Fundamentals workshops, in person or online.
To achieve Certification for all of USAonline Fundamentals or individual parts without attending a workshop, you can create a course or project site in USAonline and demonstrate all of the competencies for the desired part. You should then complete the form below to request a review.
To receive a certification review, you must add the USAonline user sakaidiycertifier to your site as an Organizer.
Note: Because of FERPA issues, we can only evaluate Project sites for Do-It-Yourself Certification. If you have done your work in a Course site, please copy it to a Project site for this review process.
Please complete all fields and indicate which part(s) you would like reviewed.
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By clicking the submit button, I certify that I have performed all of these competencies myself.

Form 0007