About LGBTQ+

LGBTQ Students in Student Center


Spectrum is committed to bringing together students of all sexes, genders, religions, ethnicities, races, and sexual orientations to affirm equality between people and work toward the full political and social enfranchisement of LGBTQ+ individuals. We recognize the need to support and preserve the integrity of human rights for all and to cultivate action and alliances that will exemplify these ideals. Spectrum will work toward these ends by providing social events where all students are welcome and empowering student voices through education outreach, awareness raising, service projects, and direct political action.


Throughout the year, Spectrum hosts a variety of LGBTQ+ related events. 

Fall Semester Features: 

  • Pride - We as a group attend our local Pride celebration. Booths, food trucks, and music are typically on the agenda. It is a great way to get to know local organizations and those within Spectrum.
  • Queer & Crafty - A crafting event where we sell handmade items, proceeds going back into the organization. Our setup includes handmade items and baked goods for South students to enjoy.
  • Hallowqueen - A Halloween dance held on campus to celebrate the season. Food, decorations, and entertainment provided. Costumes are encouraged but not mandatory.

Spring Semester Features:

  • Queer & Crafty - Surprise! Q&C is a double feature on the Spectrum calendar. It is another opportunity to share with the community and support the organization. 
  • Hug-A-Queer - Participants of HaQ wear an article of clothing --or many, we won’t judge-- with their identity on it. We offer hugs and resources to those on campus. It is a totally safe and comfortable event, and completely voluntary. 
  • Pride Prom - The most anticipated event of the year! This is Spectrum’s second chance dance for those who could not be their true self at their high school prom. Single, taken, queer in any way, all are welcome to enjoy a night of festivities and liveliness. 
  • Louisiana Queer Conference - Also known as LAQC, this is an event that we travel to for enrichment and educational purposes. We attend conferences and indoor events during the day, and enjoy the sights and flavors of Louisiana at night. It’s overall one of the best external learning opportunities offered to us during the school year. Plus, it is excused as a school related trip!

**Other events ie Sexuality and LGBTQ+ celebratory events are TBA