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Posted on March 5, 2020
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Among the street name changes on campus, Jaguar Boulevard is the new name for the road that runs between the Student Recreation Center and Stanky Field.  data-lightbox='featured'
Among the street name changes on campus, Jaguar Boulevard is the new name for the road that runs between the Student Recreation Center and Stanky Field.

On Monday, March 9, the University of South Alabama will begin installation of all new street signs on the main campus roadways, a project that will also include name updates and changes for several campus streets to help visitors better navigate the campus and locate major facilities.

Among the most visible changes are the newly named Stadium Drive, which will lead visitors from Old Shell Road directly to the new Hancock Whitney Stadium, and the newly named Jaguar Boulevard, for the road that runs between the Student Recreation Center and Stanky Field. The address for Hancock Whitney Stadium is 500 Stadium Drive.

Additional street name changes include:

  • Health Services Drive has been renamed Ernest Cleverdon Drive, to preserve the naming honor given to a founding member of USA Board of Trustees.
  • The existing Jaguar Drive has been renamed Student Services Drive, which reflects the location of facilities such as the Academic Services Center.
  • John Counts Drive has been extended between Hancock Whitney Stadium and the intramural fields, and now connects to Old Shell Road.
  • Alumni Circle has been renamed Student Center Circle, which passes in front of the Student Center.
  • The road alongside the new MacQueen Alumni Center has been named Alumni Drive. The address of the MacQueen Alumni Center is 100 Alumni Drive.

The University is in the process of creating a new main campus map, which will be installed during Spring Break at the drive-through kiosks on USA South Drive, USA North Drive and Jaguar Boulevard. In addition, interactive and printable versions of the updated map will be available via the “Map” link in the top menu of every website page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some of USA’s street names changing?

It has been a number of years since USA street names were reviewed and updated, and these changes will make it easier for visitors to find the facilities they are looking for. In some cases, new facilities such as Hancock Whitney Stadium and the MacQueen Alumni Center necessitated more accurate street names that will clearly indicate to visitors the destination of the road. In other cases, roads such as Health Services Drive were named long ago for facilities or functions that no longer exist on the campus.

How should I inform visitors to my office of the changes?

If you have visitors coming to campus, for the time being it is suggested you refer them to the new USA Campus Map, which will be updated during Spring Break to accurately reflect all the street name changes. Please remind visitors to campus that Google Maps and other online mapping services may not immediately reflect these changes.

How do I change my street address on my website?

Web Services will change all contact information located within your site’s left navigation. If there are detailed instructions or a specific page of contact information where the building address is displayed for a department, we would ask that webmasters for each department make the necessary changes or contact Web Services to coordinate making the changes by sending an email to  

Does my street number stay the same with the name change?

Other than the new facilities such as Hancock Whitney Stadium and the MacQueen Alumni Center, only the names of the streets will be changed. The street numbers will remain the same for existing buildings.

Will the mail center know where to bring my mail?

Yes, the USA Mail Hub is aware of all the street name changes, and will deliver your mail to you whether it includes the old or new street name. It is recommend that you update your mailing information on your website and other materials as soon as possible.

What about Amazon, DHL, FEDEX and UPS?

The USA Mail Hub will notify and work with third party carriers and delivery services. There will likely be some challenges, as not all third party carriers have a regular driver(s) for campus routes. Amazon does have an option to note delivery instructions when placing an order, and departments should mention the recent street name changes in the delivery instructions.

What if I need a signage change on my building?

The University is planning to update all building signage as needed. If you have questions about building signage, please email Karin Caswell in Project Management at

Will my emergency services location info be automatically updated?

The City of Mobile’s emergency services department will update its map with the changes, and will send notification to the Mobile Police Department and the Mobile Fire and Rescue Department. In addition, the changes will be sent to the 911 database for phone companies.

When will Google and other mapping services include the new names?

The City of Mobile emergency services department will send change information to Google and other mapping services on March 1 to allow them time to update, although the exact timing of the updates to these services cannot be guaranteed. The City of Mobile engineering will be notified so they can make the changes on their website, and the U.S. Postal Service will also be updated.

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