Requirements & Policies for Study Abroad

All students applying to participate in USA study abroad must be in compliance with all USA academic and student conduct code policies as published in the USA Bulletin and The Lowdown during the application process, prior to the day of departure, and during their participation in the study abroad program.

GPA Requirement:

Students should have a minimum of a 2.25 overall GPA.  A student whose GPA is between 2.0 and 2.25 must meet with his or her academic advisor and the Study Abroad coordinator to discuss participation and program options. Students with a GPA below 2.25 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. In addition to USA's GPA requirement, students must meet the host institution or affiliate partner's GPA requirements for participation.

Academic and Behavorial Expectations:

All students must respect and abide by the laws and customs of their host country, USA’s The Lowdown, and any rules and regulations for student conduct made or adopted by USA, its employees, agents, and partner institutions abroad. Host institution and/or program rules should be followed for the duration of the program abroad and include, but are not limited to, rules and regulations for student conduct designed to safeguard health, well-being, and safety.

Students who have behavioral or conduct issues are subject to USA Dean of Students review and must have approval from the USA Dean of Students prior to applying for any program.

Students who are academically or otherwise suspended or expelled from USA are not eligible for approval to study abroad as part of the USA degree or other approved activities.  Should a student be suspended or subject to any USA academic or judicial actions following the date of departure, such actions will be implemented immediately upon notification and may include dismissal (with no refund) from the program, suspension of host country visa privileges (subject to host country rules), etc.

Required Fees:

All students participating in an Exchange, Affiliate, or Alternate Study Abroad Provider Programs are required to pay a $150 fee. Note: This fee may be increased accordingly if your study abroad program exceeds three months.  Students participating on Virtual Study Abroad Programs are required to pay a $50 fee. This fee, along with USA required forms and documents will assure the following: maintenance of full-time USA student status while on an approved program abroad, Financial Aid that can be applied to an overseas program, pre-approval of courses toward the USA degree program, transcript processing, and credits that will be interpreted and applied to the USA transcript upon return. In addition, students are provided with ongoing advising throughout the process. Pre-departure classes and orientations are required and must be taken/attended the semester before studying abroad. All USA students are covered by International Travel & Emergency Insurance while participating on an approved overseas program. The cost of this insurance is included in USA faculty-led programs and some other programs. See your study abroad provider for information on additional costs of insurance on your program.