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Currently, USA is hosting 2 proctoring services. ProctorU and RPNow.  

Use of these proctoring services require a reliable Internet connection and a computer webcam.  

Zoom Proctoring Webinar/FAQ Recording

Instructor Guidelines for Proctoring with University Pay:

University pay proctoring applies ONLY to COVID-19 affected courses for which the University is covering the proctoring costs. In general there is a 2 exam limit on what the University will pay for. This is independent of what you might be requiring for your students. We recommend using the commercial service for a high stakes midterm and final. You can use Zoom to self-proctor the students on other exams.  

Click here to get started with ProctorU-Review+

Using U-Proctor with Zoom webinar works well for groups up to 25 or 30. Instructors are responsible for creating an account with the proctoring service and loading the exams.

Instructor Guidelines for Proctoring with Student Pay:

If your course is originally marked fully online with section numbers of 80x (801, 802, etc.), and you plan to use a proctoring service for exams, then a notice of an online testing requirement must be indicated in the University Schedule of Courses for students prior to registering. 

Instructors are responsible for creating an account with the proctoring service and loaded the exams details in ProctorU. 

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Course Section

Sakai LMS

Canvas LMS

WO-80x courses

Always listed as fully online

  • ProctorU-Live
  • Instructor setup
  • Student pay
  • ProctorU-Live
  • Instructor setup
  • Student pay
  • RPNow “Instructor”
  • Instructor setup
  • Student Pay
  • RPNow

Course sections moved

online due to COVID-19

  • RPNow “Sakai”
  • University Pay
  • RPNow
  • University Pay
  • ProctorU-Review+
  • Download ProctorU extension
  • University Pay
Zoom (Instructor) Proctoring
  • Instructor Proctor
  • No Fee
  • Instructor Proctor
  • No Fee

Student Responsibilities for Scheduling Proctored Sessions

Students may take exams through the proctoring service seven days a week. Students must create an account the first time they use the system. During the exam, students will be connected to a live person if using ProctorU Live, and a recorded AI system if using ProctorU Review+ or RPNow. All systems, ProctorU-Live, ProctorU-Review+, and RPNow require students to create an account for new users.

Appointment Scheduling Procedure ProctorU

ProctorU-Live requires students to schedule appointments on their website. All appointments for ProctorU live should be scheduled at least four days in advance of the test or exam. Reservations made within four days of your exam are subject to a $5 late reservation fee. Late registrations are subject to availability and same day appointments cannot be made online. To schedule an appointment with ProctorU-Live follow the procedure below:

1. Navigate to
2. Click “Schedule or Take an Exam”
3. If no account exists, click “New Users: Create an Account.”
4. Once the account is created, or if an account already exists, log in.
5. Click on the “new exam” link and select the exam, date, and time you desire.
6. A confirmation email of the reservation will be sent to the email address that was provided during registration.

Student Pricing* for ProctorU-Live is as follows:

  • Up to 30 minutes - $ 8.75
  • Up to 60 minutes - $ 16.25
  • Up to 120 minutes - $ 22.50
  • Up to 180 minutes - $ 31.25
  • Up to or more than 240 minutes - $ 40.00

Please be aware that instructors scheduling or rescheduling an exam less than

72 hours in advance will add an additional $5-$12 to the prices listed above.

*This pricing is subject to change without notice, please contact ProctorU for the latest prices


ProctorU-Review+ requires students to create an account for first time users on their website, and download the ProctorU extension to be able to take the exam inside the LMS system. These exams are on demand and do not require a scheduled appointment. Students log directly into the course and take the exam at the regular time. 

Auto Process From Student Side

Auto Test Taker Resource Center (Students)  


RPNow requires students to create an account for first time users. These exams are on demand and do not require a scheduled appointment. Students will navigate to the RPNow website provided by their instructor to take the exam.

Guides and Resources

ProctorU Resources

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for Instructors
ProctorU Live Instructor Guide ProctorU Review+ for Canvas
Instructor Guide

RPNow Resources

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