Alabama Possible/ECMC Foundation Storytelling Project

The Center for Innovation in Postsecondary Education (CIPE) will create 11 case studies and a storytelling playbook to commence a three-year project to share the successes of the Great Eight Historically Black (HBCC) and Predominantly Black (PBCC) community colleges in Alabama: Bishop State Community College, Chattahoochee Valley Community College, JF Drake State Community & Technical College, Gadsden State Community College, H. Councill Trenholm State Community College, Lawson State Community College, Shelton State Community College, Wallace Community College.

The case studies will be published in three topics:

  1. Student Success: students served, evidence-based programs, advising, and data utilization.
  2. Impact: return on investment, economic development, workforce development, and employer engagement.
  3. Community: engagement with K-12 workforce development, dual enrollment, and transfer pathways to 4-year degrees.

The Storytelling Playbook

The storytelling playbook will illustrate the successful evidence-based practices of the HBCCs and PBCCs to foster student success across each campus. The CIPE team will integrate data collection and qualitative interviews to present the success stories of the HBCCs and PBCCs. The playbook will incorporate student voices, learning themes, and practical methods of how the sites accelerate and sustain changes for storytelling playbooks.

New case studies will appear quarterly. Click on the Case Studies to learn more about the evidence-based practices the Great Eight have implemented to help adult learners succeed at their colleges.