NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer Education Materials Collection

Posted on October 21, 2015 by SARIC

Why Do We Explore?

Educator Professional Development

Meeting Agenda (Fall 2015)

Time Activity
8:00 am    Arrival, sign-in, continental breakfast/Individual completion of pre-survey
8:30 am  Introductions/Welcome/Bingo icebreaker   
9:00 am   Agenda/NOAA OER/Okeanos Explorer 
History of ocean exploration and modern reasons 
Why Do We Explore? Keynote Address
9:40 am   Why Do We Explore? Book Introduction 
ACTIVITY:  To Boldly Go
10:10 am ACTIVITY:  Journey to the Unknown (optional)
10:20 am  Break
10:30 am   ACTIVITY:  Come on Down – I, Robot
11:10 am   Climate Change Intro
Demo:  Where Have All the Glaciers Gone?
ACTIVITY:  History’s Thermometers
11:55 am   Okeanos Explorer Web Site/Participant exploration time/Reflection on web site finds
12:20 pm  Lunch
1:00  pm   Energy Intro ACTIVITY:  What’s the Big Deal?
DEMO:  Methane Circus
1:55 pm  Human Health Intro
ACTIVITY:Watch the Screen
2:20 pm Break 
2:30 pm  Ocean Health Intro Carbonate buffer system overview
ACTIVITY:  Ocean Acidification
3:10 pm OER Digital Atlas 
3:25 pm Reflections/Post-surveys/Certificates of Participation
4:00 pm Adjourn

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