Advisory Board

The purpose of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Advisory Board is to provide insight and guidance on the strategic direction of USA's Office of CME. Members serve as representatives and liaisons for their departments, advocates for CME and final arbiters in disputes on regulatory requirements.

Members include physicians and allied health professionals involved in CME and leadership from compliance, hospital and health-system units. Members serve a three-year term, allowing new faces and new ideas to contribute to the board. The board meets quarterly for approximately 1 hour.


Meeting Schedule

USA Medical Center         2nd Floor Board Room      12:00 p.m.     Wednesday

March 7, 2018    *    June 13, 2018    *    September 5, 2018    *    December 5, 2018

March 6, 2019    *    June 12, 2019    *    September 4, 2019    *    December 4, 2019


CME Committee / Advisory Board Members

Carole Boudreaux, MD, Chair CME Advisory Committee

Philip Almalouf, MD (2019) 
Department of IM Cardiology

Susan Baker, MD (2020) 
Department Obstetrics & Gynecology

Brett Baskovich, MD (2019) 
Department of Pathology

Wendy Bedsole (Mobile Medical Society)

Sabrina Bessette, MD (2018) 
Department of IM Nephrology

Carole MD Boudreaux, MD (Chair) (2020) 
Department of Pathology

Jeffrey Brewer, MD (2019) 
Department of Orthopaedics

Judith Burnham (Patient)

Eduardo Calderon, MD (2019) 
Department of Internal Medicine

Tommy Carlisle (Patient)

Detronia Carson (Patient Relations Supervisor)

Susan Catrair, RN (2018) 
USAMC Quality Management

Elias Chalub, MD (2019) 
Department of Neurology

Clista Clanton, MSLS (2018) 
Biomedical Library

Donna Copeland, RTN, RT Director 
USA Office of W In-Service

Sharrie Cranford, LMSW, MS Director 
USA Office of CME

Michael Culpepper, MD (2020) 
Department Internal Medicine

Luke Engeriser, MD (2019) 
Department of Psychiatry

Sharon Ezelle, RN, R Director 
USA Office of C Care Management

Warren Greene (USAMC Administrator)

Charles Hartin, MD (2020) 
Department of Surgery

Christopher Jett, MHA (2018) 
USACW Administrator

Markus Lammle, MD (2019) 
Department of Radiology

Spencer Liles, MD (2020) 
Department of Surgery

Yolanda Mack (USAOCME)

Samuel McQuiston, MD (2018) 
Department of Radiology

Alice Nolen (USAOCME)

Maria Roca Garcia, MD (2019) 
Department of Pediatrics

Cassie Roote, RN (2019)
Risk Management

Alana Schilthuis, MD (2018) 
Department of Internal Medicine

Rachel Seaman, MD (2020) 
Department Internal Medicine

Brad Steffler, MD (2020) 
Department of Radiology

Supatida Tengsupakul, MD (2020) 
Department of Pediatrics

Rachel Weaver, PharmD (2019) 
USAMC Pharmacy