Stephen W. Schaffer, Ph.D.

Stephen W. Schaffer, Ph.D.Professor Emeritus
USA Department of Pharmacology

Ph.D.: University of Minnesota
Post-doctoral: University of Pennsylvania 

Research Interests

Dr. Schaffer's laboratory has been studying the effects of diabetes and hypertension on heart function.  In addition to developing a cardio- myopathy, individuals suffering from diabetes or hypertension are at increased risk of ischemic heart disease.   The effects of diabetes are closely tied to changes in cell signaling and cardiac metabolism while the effects of hypertension are related to events mediated by increased preload and afterload.   An important player in both diseases is angiotensin II, which initiates an array of signaling pathways that can kill the cardiomyocyte and adversely affect myocardial function.  Dr. Schaffer's studies have discovered a signaling pathway of angiotensin II in which reactive species generated in the cytosol trigger mitochondrial oxidative stress through a complex series of steps that includes mitochondrial DNA damage.  Dr. Schaffer believes that this pathway contributes to both the development of the diabetic cardiomyopathy and to pressure-mediated ischemic injury.   Of particular interest are the clinical implications of elevated afterload pressure on the ischemic heart.  Dr. Schaffer's work suggests that reductions in blood pressure may serve as an important mechanism of protecting the heart against ischemic injury.

Representative Publications

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