What is Computer Engineering?

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering job openings have been growing in numbers, thanks to the ever increasing microchip technology and its applications in our lives, such as computers, smart phones, game consoles and gaming. Computer Engineers study both computer software and computer hardware, increasing their versatility and employability.

The Computer Engineering program is geared towards students who are interested in the design of digital computing systems, integrating both hardware and software design components. The curriculum is designed to provide students with an in-depth under-standing of digital logic, systems theory, and embedded systems. The curriculum is comprised of electrical engineering classes and computer science classes.

Computer Engineering vs. Computer Science - What's the Difference?

Many students are curious about the difference between computer science and computer engineering. Generally speaking, computer science students start with programming and work their way up to the software engineering of complex software systems. Computer engineering students start with electronics and work their way up to the hardware design of complex computer systems. While there is some overlap, computer scientists work primarily with software and computer engineers work primarily with hardware and "low-level" software.

Think about the cell phone in your pocket. Computer engineers designed the processor, memory chips, and circuit board, and wrote enough software to get the hardware up and running. Computer scientists wrote the operating system and all of the applications that run on the cell phone.

Because computer engineers learn both hardware and software, they are usually in very high demand, as very few engineers (or computer scientists) understand both. Graduates from our computer-engineering program at South are working on projects ranging from software developer to installing amusement parks to working for the power company.