Congratulations to all the students who have been accepted for the 2015 USA Jaguar Marching Honor Band!

Posted on September 2, 2015 by University of South Alabama Jaguar Marching Band
University of South Alabama Jaguar Marching Band

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Congratulations to all the students who have applied and been accepted for the 2015 University of South Alabama Jaguar Marching Honor Band!  The 6th Annual Jaguar Marching Honor Band will be held on September 26, 2015 at the campus of the University of South Alabama and Ladd-Peebles Stadium in downtown Mobile, AL. 

Accepted students will be receiving an email on Thursday afternoon (September 3rd) that will include a link to the registration website where they can download their music, welcome packet, medical and liability release form, as well as listen to reference recordings.

Color Guard and Feature Twirler Routines will be available for viewing by September 14, 2015 at the registration website.  

The postmark due date for all registration materials is September 14, 2015. When you receive your email tomorrow please do not delay and get your forms mailed in along with your non-refundable $40.00 check payable to "USA Jaguar Marching Band." 

Again, congratulations to all accepted students and be on the lookout on Thursday afternoon for your registration email!

Go Jags!!


2015 Jaguar Marching Honor Band

Accepted Student List

Last Name        First Name         High School
Adams              Kimberly            Jackson High School
Adams              Mary                  Hayden High School
Adams              Stephen             Fairhope High School
Alfred                Kalyn                W.P. Davidson High School
Andrews            Chase                Saraland High School
Andrews            Cody                 Saraland High School
Ardrey               Hanna               Fairhope High School
Authement        Drew                 Fairhope High School
Bailei                Alison                Kinston High School
Bailey               Ryan                  Murphy High School
Ball                   Nikki                 Plainview High School
Barger               Jordan               Hale County High School
Bates                Morgan              Baker High School
Behel                Makenzie           Rogers High School
Bell                   Celeste              Carroll High School
Bell                   Meredith           Straughn High School
Bell                   Paul                   Mary G. Montgomery High School
Bentley             Ben                    Theodore High School
Biggs                Courtney            Robertsdale High School
Bilbrey              Dakota               Mobile Christian School
Billy                  Billy                   Theodore High School
Blankenship      Maggie              Mary G. Montgomery High School
Boddie              Nick                   Fairhope High School
Bohlman           Ryan                  Baker High School
Bolack              Nathan               Cordova High School
Bonner              Mekala              Satsuma High School
Booth                Garrett               Citronelle High School
Bowman           Holly                  Gulf Shores High School
Bowman           Daisy                  J.U Blacksher High School
Boyd                 Kaylee               Brookwood High School
Brewer              Kristofer            Theodore High School
Brockmiller       Rayne                Satsuma High School
Brockmiller       Rose                  Satsuma High School
Brooks               Kaitlynn            W.P. Davidson High School
Brown               Chelsea             Plainview High School
Brown               Cody                  Mary G. Montgomery High School
Brown               Olivia                 J.U Blacksher High School
Brownlow          Evan                 Hayden High School
Brumbelow       Dac                   Theodore High School
Buford               Rhi                    W.P. Davidson High School
Burgin               Tucker              Theodore High School
Cade                 XiCarri               Murphy High School
Campbell          Elliott                Saraland High School
Cantrell             Erika                 Colbert Heights High School
Carpenter          Lee                   Washington County High School
Caskey              Zac                    Theodore High School
Castanos           Vikie                  Theodore High School
Caylor               Bradley              W.P. Davidson High School
Chafin               Destiny              Washington County High School
Chance             Bree                   Saraland High School
Chappell           Harley               New Brockton High School
Chatmon           Kaleb                Mary G. Montgomery High School
Cheyette           Dakota               Theodore High School
Childs               John                   New Brockton High School
Chong               Ian                     Gulf Shores High School
Chung               Patrick               Gulf Shores High School
Cleveland       Jakob                  Valley High School
Clark                 Jordan                Satsuma High School
Coffman            Brianna              Baldwin County High School
Coger                Tyler                  Gulf Shores High School
Cooley              Randall              Holt High School
Corcoran           Daniel                Straughn High School
Craig                 Akere                 W.P. Davidson High School
Cranmore          Cheyenne          Citronelle High School
Crocker             Lauren               Satsuma High School
Culwell             Nicole                Gulf Shores High School
Cummings        Tyler                  Theodore High School
Cutler                Ben                   Headland High School
Davis                 Annalyn             Hayden High School
Davis                 Benjamin           Prattville High School
Davis                 Brock                 Prattville High School
Davis                 Campbell          Hayden High School
Davis                 Josh                   Baker High School
Davis                 Morgan              East Central High School
Davis                 Shea                 Robertsdale High School
Davis                 Sophie              W.P. Davidson High School
Davis                 Kenslea             Theodore High School
Dean                 Kayla                 Monroe Academy
Dean                 Rebecca            Saraland High School
Deck                 Sarah Catherine         Baker High School
Dees                 Dylan                 Saraland High School
Delarosa           Jacob                 Murphy High School
Dennan             Tyler                 Cordova High School
Denton              Matthew           Theodore High School
Dixon                Janna                Theodore High School
Driggers            Bethany             Baldwin County High School
Dubose             Ivan                   Murphy High School
Duncan             Brianna             Holtville High School
Duncan             Clayton              Brookwood High School
Duran                Scarlett             Satsuma High School
Eddy                 Genevieve         Gulf Shores High School
Edler                 Abigayle            Gulf Shores High School
Eilers                Lexie                 W.P. Davidson High School
Elsberry             Tyler                  Mortimer Jordan High School
Ely                    EJ                      Murphy High School
Faris                  Ravyn                Theodore High School
Fendley            Christopher        Fairhope High School
Ferrell               Louise               Citronelle High School
Files                  Leigha               Berry High School
Finch                Katelyn              Fairhope High School
Fox                   Teighlor            Mary G. Montgomery High School
Franks               Tanja                Theodore High School
Frederick           Savannah          Kinston High School
Fuller                Brianna             Theodore High School
Ganster             Georgia             Prattville High School
Garcia              Alex                   Saraland High School
Garcia              April                  New Brockton High School
Gates                Skylar                Jackson High School
Gay                   Catherine          Pickens Academy
Gee                  Josh                   Mary G. Montgomery High School
Giannini           Hannah             Gulf Shores High School
Giannini           Hunter               Gulf Shores High School
Glass                 Courtney            Robertsdale High School
Gomien            Easton               Mary G. Montgomery High School
Gomillion         Caleb                Red Level High School
Gonzalez          Giovanni           Valley HIgh School
Gooch              Amanda            Mary G. Montgomery High School
Gooch              Ashley               Mary G. Montgomery High School
Gosdin              Heaven              Valley High School
Grace               Maranda            W.P. Davidson High School
Graham            Noah                 J.U Blacksher High School
Green               Jacob                Hayden High School
Green               Justice               Citronelle High School
Greene             Mikail                Murphy High School
Grider               Daziii                 Carroll High School
Griffin               Ryan                  New Brockton High School
Griggs               Anthony             Red Level High School
Gwinn               Joshua               Saraland High School
Habeck             Kale                  Baker High School
Hadaway           Joseph               Fairhope High School
Hadley              Robby                Straughn High School
Hall                   Courtney            Pass Christian High School
Hall                   Joeli                  Baker High School
Hall                   Kiyah                 Pickens County High School
Hall                   Lizzie                Baldwin County High School
Hamm               Christopher        Mary G. Montgomery High School
Hammac           Ashley               W.S. Neal High School
Hands               Jacob                Gulf Shores High School
Hannah             Andy                  Pickens County High School
Harden              Julianna            Murphy High School
Harris                Paeton              W.P. Davidson High School
Harrison            Katie                 Mary G. Montgomery High School
Hashmi             Yusuf                 Mobile Christian School
Hawkins             Jade                  Plainview High School
Hayes                Dawson              Gulf Shores High School
Haymer             Shania              Baker High School
Hebert               Shea                 W.P. Davidson High School
Helmers            Austin                Kingwood Christian School
Helms               Hallie                Carroll High School
Hendricks          Tiana                J.M. Tate High School
Hernandez        Olivia                Theodore High School
Herring              Lee                    Straughn High School
Hill                    Alex                   Sylacauga High School
Hill                    Ruthie               Mary G. Montgomery High School
Hinkel               Christian            East Central High School
Hinton               Kristoffer            Prattville High School
Hirshberg          Olivia                Saraland High School
Hoffman            Tyler                  Baker High School
Holcomb           Ashley               Cherokee County High School
Holland             Abigail              Straughn High School
Holley               Taylor                Gulf Shores High School
Hollins              Sydney              McGill-Toolen Catholic High School
Hollomon          Lexi                   Saraland High School
Honeycutt         Gavin                Moody High School
Hopkins             Mia                    Pickens County High School
Howard             Jacob                Satsuma High School
Htoon                Jazmin              W.P. Davidson High School
Hudson             Myra                  Kinston High School
Hughes             Chloe                W.P. Davidson High School
Hughes             Tiff                    Gulf Shores High School
Hurley               Hannah             East Central High School
Hutchinson       Austin                Baldwin County High School
Ikner                  Trent                 W.S. Neal High School
Jackson             Tremain            Satsuma High School
Jacobson          Kelsea               J.M. Tate High
James               Kelli                  Saraland High School
James               La'Shaunda       Daphne High School
Jemison            Morgan              Saraland High School
Jennings           Jolene               Kinston High School
Jent                  Brooke               Cordova High School
Jerkins               Hunter               Baldwin County High School
Johnson            Caitlin               Mary G. Montgomery High School
Johnson            Daja                  Monroeville County High School
Johnson            Kayla                 Colbert County High School
Johnson            Kip                    Mary G. Montgomery High School
Johnson            Toye                  J.M. Tate High School
Johnston           Randall             J.U Blacksher High School
Jones                Antonio             Jackson High School
Jones                Danya                Prattville High School
Jones                Demarcus          Jackson High School
Jones                Erin                   Citronelle High School
Jones                Jay                    Pickens County High School
Jones                Kayla                 Pickens County High School
Jones                Kayleigh            Straughn High School
Jones                Kurstin               Straughn High School
Kelley               Anna                 New Brockton High School
Kelly                 Jacob                Saraland High School
Kelly                 Kierra                Baldwin County High School
Koonce             Jay                    Gulf Shores High School
Kruse                Chase                Mobile Christian School
Kyle                  Lakyn                 Mary G. Montgomery High School
Lang                 Lillian                Baker High School
lang                  Shawn                Baker High School
Langdon           Jordan               Central High School
Lassitter            Jax                    Robertsdale High School
Laster                Dustin                Daphne High School
Law                   Christopher        Saraland High School
Layne               Julia                  Saraland High School
Ledlow              Savannah          Colbert County High School
Ledlow              Wesley               Colbert County High School
Lee                   Aaron                Hale County High School
Leeth                Kristin                Colbert Heights High School
Lewis                Tia                    W.S. Neal High School
Leytham           Priscilla             Mary G. Montgomery High School
Lide                  Joseph               Theodore High School
Lightsey            John                  Robertsdale High School
Lillie                  Gabby               Gulf Shores High School
Lingerfelt          Samantha         Citronelle High School
Lipscomb          Emily                 Coosa Central high school
Livingston         Audrey               Straughn High School
Loeser               Britany               Baldwin County High School
Loftin                Addy                  Monroe Academy
Logsdon            Laura                 Satsuma High School
Long                 Brooke               Citronelle High School
Lowe                 Alexius              Reeltown High School
Lowery              Austin                W.P. Davidson High School
Lundy               Brooklyn            Saraland High School
Lyner                Hannah             Sylacauga High School
Mabien             Amaya               Saraland High School
Mabry               Hannah             Alma Bryant High School
Maddox            Irvin                   Brookwood High School
Maliniemi         Zach                  Baker High School
Malone             Brianna             Baker High School
Malone             Jaylon               W.P. Davidson High School
Malone             Katie                 Theodore High School
Marsh                Jordan               Gulf Shores High School
Martinez           Alex                   Theodore High School
Martinez           Mia                    Robertsdale High School
May                  Allie                  Hayden High School
Mayes               Ballard              Mary G. Montgomery High School
Mcardle            Catie                 Theodore High School
Mcardle            Sarah                 Theodore High School
McArthur           Trey                   Saraland High School
McBeath           KK                     Gautier High School
McCants           Elizabeth           Monroe County High School
McCants           Jordan               Baker High School
McCartney        Chris                  Mary Montgomery High School
McClain            Micaha              Baker High School
McDonald         Joseph               Mary G. Montgomery High School
McGowan         David                 Mary G. Montgomery High School
McGowan         Joseph               Mary G. Montgomery High School
McGuff             Kayla                 Gulf Shores High School
McGuire           Ray                    J.U Blacksher High School
McKinley          Michael             Baldwin County High School
Mckinley           Victoria             Theodore High School
McMichen        Erin                   Benjamin Russell High School
McMillian         Skylar                Monroe County High School
McNease          Matt                   Baker High School
Meinhardt         Brandt               W.P. Davidson High School
Melby               Elizabeth           Carroll HIgh School
Messinger         Jared                 Fairhope High School
Miller                Ciera                 Robertsdale High School
Miller                Colby                 Calera High School
Miller                Hannah             Mary G. Montgomery High School
Mills                  Ashley               Pickens County High School
Mills                  Lauren               Brookwood High School
Minchew           Brendon            Saraland High School
Miskel               Destiny              Baldwin County High School
Mitchell            Kayla                 Straughn High School
Mitchell            Ryan                  Straughn High School
Mixson              Alexis                Gulf Shores High School
Mixson              Christian            Gulf Shores High School
Monk                 Rachel              Daphne High School
Mooney            Jordan               Baker High School
Moss                 Clayton              Washington County High School
Murrill               Haylee               Saraland High School
Myers                Jamie                Theodore High School
Myers                Katlynn              W.S. Neal High School
Nalls                 JaRay                Cordova High School
Newman           Dawson              Straughn High School
Newsome          Audie                Valley HIgh School
Newton             Mary Kathryn     South Paulding High School
Newton             Sarah                South Paulding High School
Nichols             Jasmine             Hayden High School
Nichols             Kat                    W.P. Davidson High School
Nolin                 Madeline           Troup High School
Nordberg           Megan               Robertsdale High School
O'Den               Sarah                W.S. Neal high school
Odom               Blake                 Robertsdale High School
Olugbala          Mana                 Murphy High School
Orem                Morgan              Baldwin County High School
Parker               Casey                Red Level High School
Parker               Chris                  Theodore High School
Parker               Hannah             Saraland High School
Parker               Mya                   Jackson High School
Parkes               Ethan                W.P. Davidson High School
Parrish              Tia                    Theodore High School
Partsch             Valerie              Theodore High School
Pate                  Makayla             Hayden High School
Patel                 Aayush              Gulf Shores High School
Paxton              Andrew              Mary G. Montgomery High School
Pelletier            Tori                   Theodore High School
Pendley            Nik                     Cordova High School
Penninger         Jason                 Fairhope High School
Penninger         Joshua               Fairhope High School
Perez                Allison               Saraland High School
Perine               Jalea                 W.P. Davidson High School
Pettway             Eric                   Theodore High School
Phillips             Keegan             Baker High School
Phillips             Luke                  Mary G. Montgomery High School
Potts                 Shelby               Baker High School
Prescott            Mackenzie         Brantley High School
Preyear             Kenneth            W.P. Davidson High School
Price                 Cody                  New Brockton High School
Prohaska           Kayci                 Gulf Shores High School
Pruit                  Lauren               Colbert Heights High School
Ragsdale          Preston              Gulf Shores High School
Rasp                 Gabi                  Mary G. Montgomery High School
Ray                   Dalton               Robertsdale High School
Ray                   Shelby               Robertsdale High School
Reed                 Amelia              Hartselle High School
Richards           Alysa                 Opelika High School
Richardson       Nick                   Mary G. Montgomery High School
Roberts             Andrew              Theodore High School
Rohe                 Jasmine             Theodore High School
Roney II            Anthony             Fairhope High School
Rose                 Sarah                Hale County High School
Ross                  Adrien               Cordova High School
Ruggs               Gabby               Murphy High School
Ruscilli             Devon                Saraland High School
Rushing            Eli                     Monroe County High School
Sanders            Brittney              Brookwood High School
Saraceno          Mikey                 Fairhope High School
Sato                  Rhythm              West Florida High School
Searchfield       Kyle                   Theodore High School
Selph                Andrew              Baldwin County High School
Senior               Khadejah          New Brockton High School
Senior               Khadejah          New Brockton High School
Sheffield           Nick                   Monroe County High School
Shepard            Ann                   Theodore High School
Shipp                Maecy               Red Level High School
Singleton          Brandon            Brookwood High School
Smith                Ashley               Mary Gillian Montgomery
Smith                Ashlyn               Saraland High School
Smith                Jackson             Flomaton High School
Smith                Jezzia                Cherokee County High School
Smith                Myla                  Satsuma High School
Smith                Nick                   Calera High School
Snyder              Kandis               Pickens County High School
Snyder              Rachel              Monroe Academy
Snyder              Savannah          Monore Academy
Southerland      Jenna                Theodore High School
Steele               Donnamy           Red Level High School
Stevenson         Kiana                Theodore High School
Stewart             Courtney            Baldwin County High School
Stewart             Emily                 Kingwood Christian School
Strickland         Erin                   Citronelle High School
Strops               Whitney             New Brockton High School
Sullivan            Carter                Mary Gillan Montgomery High School
Sullivan            Lexi                   Theodore High School
Sutton               Jazmyne            Jackson High School
Szabo               Allison               Satsuma High School
Taldon              Tim                   Theodore High School
Taylor               Peyton               Murphy High School
Taylor               Olivia                Robertsdale High School
Tellis                Mariel                Pickens County High School
Templin            Ashley               Prattville High School
Terrell               Savanna            Theodore High School
Thomas            Cam                  Stanhope Elmore High Scho
Thomas            Lindsey              Straughn High School
Thomaston       Dani                  Baldwin County High School
Thomaston       Dani                  Baldwin County High School
Thompson        Cedric               Baldwin County High School
Thompson        Madee               Faith Academy
Tidwell             Heath                Lynn High School
Tillman             Emily                 Theodore High School
Tourney            Maddie              J.M. Tate High School
Trimm               Brittany              Cordova High School
Turberville        Lauren               Robertsdale High School
Turner               Haley                 Citronelle High School
Vance               Tabitha             McGill-Toolen Catholic High School
Varner               Kaitlynn             Straughn High School
Vaughn             Savannah          Calera High School
Vick                  Ethan                Citronelle High School
Vickrey              Katelyn              Red Level High School
Vieyra-Sanchez   Jossellyn         W.P. Davidson High School
Wagner             Heather             Robertsdale High School
Walden             Wesley               Stanhope Elmore High School
Washington       Emmit               Calera High School
Washington       JaMia                W.P. Davidson High School
Washington       Lay lay              Pickens County High School
Watkins             Tyreseya            Monroe County High School
Watt                  Caleb                Mary G. Montgomery High School
Weatherly         Brittany              Mary G. Montgomery High School
Webb                Delaney             Satsuma High School
Weed                Harrison             Brantley High School
Wells                 Blayne               Plainview High School
White                Evan                  Baldwin County High School
White                Trae White        Murphy High School
Whitehead        David                 Benjamin Russell High School
Whitehead        Jamie                Benjamin Russell High School
Whittington       Grace                J.U Blacksher High School
Whittington       Noah                 J. U. Blacksher High School
Wicks                Emma               East Central High School
Widder              Heather             Theodore High School
Wiggins             Dylan                 Saraland High School
Wiggins             Franklin             Flomaton High School
Willard              Haley                 Saraland High School
Williams            lamont               Mary G. Montgomery High School
Williams            Emilie               Mary G. Montgomery High School
Williams            Jimmerlee         Satsuma High School
Williams            Krysten              Daphne High School
Williams            Rachael            J.U Blacksher High School
Williamson        Collin                Brantley High School
Wilson               Carlos                W.P. Davidson High School
Wilson               Dakota               Theodore High School
Wilson               Matt                   Theodore High School
Wilson               Sara                  Straughn High School
Wilson               Skyler                Theodore High School
Windham          Jada                  Pickens County High School
Womack            Jessie                Monroe County High School
Wood                Anna                 W.P. Davidson High School
Wood                Krislyn               Hartselle High School
Wood                Stephen            W.P. Davidson High School
Woodfin            Carly                  Baker High School
Wright               Jacob                Flomaton High School
Wright               Tori                   Satsuma High School
Wyatt                Linda                 Alma Bryant High School
Wyrosdic           Abby                  Baker High School
Yahn                 Brileigh             Cordova High School
Yang                 Josh                   Gulf Shores High School
Yell                   Brian                 Citronelle High School
Yoon                 Sungbin            Fairhope High School
Young               Amy                   Citronelle High School
Young               Erin                   Baker High School
Zdenek              Brianna             Mary G. Montgomery High School


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