CFITS Lecture Series - Molly Betts

Posted on November 8, 2018 by Spencer Radford
Spencer Radford

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Cyber Forensics Knowledge Transfer Partnership (eKTP) Associate
Wednesday, November 14th at 2:30 PM
Shelby Hall Room 2121
Currently based: The University of South Alabama
Home based: De Montfort University | Airbus Group
Molly Betts is a forensic cyber security researcher and knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) associate with both De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester, UK and Airbus in South Wales, UK.
She is a BSC forensic computing graduate with interests in SCADA, ICS, and Additive Manufacturing.
Molly has published work as an undergraduate while doing an internship at Airbus, travelled for forensic workshops and lectures, and taught masters’ students and attended conferences

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